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Why is society increasingly condemning “transgender” people to suffering?

The title may cause some to think this post is going to say something else, but that won’t change the truth of that title: Why is the world turning against transgender people? If you will forgive what will come across as a shameless self-promotion, I recorded this Tomorrow’s World webcast last time I was in Charlotte: … Continue reading

Some Social Commentary via the Marvel Universe: Feminists, Values, and “Going Dark”

After long absences from the blog like this, I normally start off with some sort of poking-fun-at-myself comment like, “Hey, looks like I forgot about my blog!” Well, this time I can actually say that. With our in-progress move to Charlotte taking up quite a few brain cells, not to mention actual trips to Charlotte … Continue reading

Yes, Virginia, you CAN prove a negative

Logic class, today! After a week of house hunting, a quick post like this feels like just the thing to cleanse the palate, so please forgive my indulgence. Though it is often claimed–and tempting to believe, because it can sound sensible–it is completely false that you cannot prove a negative. (That is, for instance, that you cannot prove … Continue reading

“Gay Wedding” lawsuits and boycotts put the lie to “live and let live”

I’ve been thinking similar thoughts, but a Wall Street Journal editorial that I read today really put it very well. The opinion piece — “Indiana’s Libertarian Moment” — by Bill McGurn makes the case that many of the strongest defenders of cake makers, wedding planners, etc. and their right to refuse to participate in a homosexual … Continue reading

Quick survey: Do you save old letters and correspondence?

I hope everyone’s Sunday has gone well! Even though this quick post has nothing to do with what many have been focused on today, I will feel remiss if I don’t address it. So if Easter was a part of your day, today, please do hang around, but you might want to check out any … Continue reading

“Because He is risen, I don’t keep Easter” — plus a great chart contrasting Easter and Passover

It’s a busy day, today! As did the ancient, faithful Christian Polycrates, my family “observe(s) the day when the people put out the leaven.” With Passover last night and the Days of Unleavened Bread beginning tonight, we’ve got loose ends to tie up — really, final crumbs to throw out. And I can’t stay down here in … Continue reading

Indiana and the RFRA: Erotic Liberty Über Alles

The current, weird furor over Indiana’s state version of the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) is really, really instructive. One one hand, I don’t get it. On the other hand, I do. The news is giving (however poorly) the background, so let me summarize quickly in the event you don’t know. In 1993, President … Continue reading

Did Jesus only pay the price for Adam’s sin?

The title here reflects one idea behind the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and it seemed a decent topic to bring up as we approach Passover. In particular, while some may quibble with the wording, it is a summary of how Jehovah’s Witnesses approach the issue of how Jesus’ death atones for sin: The idea that … Continue reading

OK, so I’m on Pinterest. And, yes, I’m a dude.

I give up. I’ve seen Pinterest all over the place over the last year or so, but I still figured it was where young girls went to pin photos of their dream wedding dresses, etc. Wow, I was wrong. Guy Kawasaki opened my brain up on the matter during his presentation at the recent NRB conference, … Continue reading

Too wonderful for me, #7

Wow! It has been almost four years since I have added to this little personal blog series! Well, today I will break that drought. As Passover season approaches, I am reminded that one of the things I enjoy most about being a pastor is counseling others for baptism. Given the continual growth of God’s Work, it has … Continue reading

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