OK, so I’m on Pinterest. And, yes, I’m a dude.

Pinterest LogoI give up. I’ve seen Pinterest all over the place over the last year or so, but I still figured it was where young girls went to pin photos of their dream wedding dresses, etc. Wow, I was wrong.

Guy Kawasaki opened my brain up on the matter during his presentation at the recent NRB conference, and the various statistics displayed by him and by other presenters told the tale. As far as social media goes, Pinterest was second only to Facebook in use and popularity — more than both Instagram and Twitter. And Kawasaki noted that in many ways it is becoming the new Google. The example he gave (I think) was that, for many, rather than Googling to find information on how to cook a turkey, more and more are going to Pinterest for such queries.

Overcoming my uneducated fear that I would visit the site and be overwhelmed with unicorns and glitter (actually, glitter-free unicorns aren’t that bad), I headed out to Pinterest and was hooked. It is a well-designed, click-generating share-monster.

OK, that doesn’t sound right. It seemed to me a way of gathering content available in the wild into your own, personalized magazine, issued as frequently as you like. The requirement of an image for every, single article or post is brilliant. It’s like an organically growing table of contents, with each article accompanied by an image that increases the likelihood you’ll say, “OK, I have to check that out…”

Also, while it might seem a negative by some as an element that adds an air of disorganization, the fact that the image/blurb tiles on your page aren’t lined up in a neat little “grid” but vary in size and are densely space filling seems, again, an effective element of the presentation. When your eye can’t follow neatly in a line from article to article — say, left-to-right — then one is much more likely to wander around, being exposed to more titles than one normally would be. I’ve seen it before in other websites designed for exactly that purpose — getting you to notice more articles than you might otherwise — and it’s been pretty effective.

After clicking around, finding myself educated and entertained far too easily, I gave in, made my own account, and joined the Pinterest thing. I did it partially because I enjoy experimenting in the social media world and want to understand how to best benefit the Work. (Learning often happens best in the doing.) But also because it succeeded in grabbing my attention as a worthwhile platform for discovering new ideas, sharing ideas with others, and even saving things that grab your attention for reading later.

For anyone out there who is already on Pinterest, you can find me using some of the links below. And if I post a single image of something glittery–anything glittery–please help me.

Here’s my profile:

Here’s my experiment in building a home-made Pinterest version of the Tomorrow’s World magazine for my own perusal (all links back to the original TW website articles):

Here’s a board I just added for this personal blog [EDIT, 1pm: Images weren’t loading that well last I checked. Link works, though.]:

And here’s an example of a single post with a pretty sweet video demonstrating the force of the Fine-Tuning Argument (from the fine folks at Reasonable Faith) concerning the existence of God [EDIT, 1pm: Ditto, but the link seems to work. Maybe the fact that the pin is of a video messes up the image. Still stuff to learn…]:

I’m actually not going out to Pinterestville too much, yet, as my surfing has been drastically reduced as of late. Life has been remarkably and wonderfully hectic these days (last blog post was more than a month ago). But when I do venture out, digitally speaking, I am increasingly adding Pinterest to my regular surfing.

And you never know — in the end, we may find that the “Share” buttons of Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and the like may end up being one of the major means by which the gospel of the Kingdom of God is spread on the Internet. After all, the Christians of Acts 8:4 were doing more than hitting the “Like” button…

And in the event you are not already following Tomorrow’s World and the Living Church of God on social media, here are some links to help you rectify that!

5 thoughts on “OK, so I’m on Pinterest. And, yes, I’m a dude.

  1. Dave Machanick

    I am on twitter but never found it useful. Looked at Pinterest before – you have encouraged me to look again.
    How is your move coming along? Are you in Charlotte yet?

  2. Still very much enjoy Twitter, but Pinterest seems useful for different reasons. As for the move, it’s planned for sometime between the Spring Holy Days and Pentecost. Taking a while to get the current house on the market (my fault, that), but should be very soon. Thanks for asking!

  3. Yes, moving to Charlotte late spring/early summer. I think various HQ folks (Mr. Jim Meredith at the Charlotte weekend, et al.) have mentioned it publicly and people on Facebook here and there have commented, so I figured it was pretty well known.

  4. I’ve kept my Facebook contacts fairly limited, so sometimes such things get past me. Congratulations – although I know preparations for moving are always complicated (unless you’re fleeing Jerusalem when it’s surrounded by end-time armies – then you just, well, go 🙂 ).

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