Yet ANOTHER Chess Prodigy discovered in my family!

This is a quick follow up to my previous posts “Boy #3, Six-Year-Old Future World Chess Champion” and “Chess Champion turned Guerilla Warrior” (though I am sure that Boy #3 prefer that I inform the world of the fact that he is now seven).

Earlier today I was playing chess with Boy #2 — that’s right: my nine-year-old, whose visage strikes fear into squirrels worldwide. Like his younger brother before him, Boy #2 revealed a startling new chess move heretofore unknown to the world… One which will surely change the way the game is played forever.

I had just moved my knight to reveal an attack from my rook that (I carelessly assumed) placed Boy #2 into checkmate — a circumstance I happily announced and explained, thinking it was an opportunity to educate him a bit. A mistake, indeed, as it was I who was to be schooled today.

White BishopHe sat there for a moment, examining the board to determine his options. Then, grabbing his bishop — which had, up to this moment, seemed blocked on the other side of the board by several intervening pieces — he triumphantly yelled, “POWER POPE!” as he jumped the bishop over all the other pieces to attack my rook.

I can’t believe I have never heard of that move before. My guess is that no one has, and that Boy #2 is, indeed, another radically innovative chess genius among my offspring. Two in one family… What are the odds?

Indeed, I am raising a generation of super-intelligent chess prodigies, whom I shall unleash on the chess-playing world at just the right time (that is, such a time as will maximize monetary profit).

Have a wonderful Sabbath! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Yet ANOTHER Chess Prodigy discovered in my family!

  1. There are so many prophetic analogies of Revelation which come to mind here.

    But maybe you should have one-upped him, by declaring your king “King of Kings” and capturing that “Pope.”

  2. rakkav

    Has your family ever played Risk? You may think you have mad young geniuses on the chess board, but “you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet” until you unleash that kind of creative carnality on the Risk board.

    Once (I think it was during the summer of 1981) I fulfilled prophecy to a very large extent on the Risk board. My power base was in Europe. If memory serves (and depending on what the board configuration actually allows), I conquered all of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, and both Americas before being wiped out by the hordes from the East.

    Off-topic, if I may: You have a lot of posts lately on the economic situation in the US and the world. Not being sure where to offer the following link, here’s a paper from Harvard that’s cited by the most recent Investors Insight newsletter. I think you’ll find it most interesting:

    Click to access Aftermath.pdf

  3. Deano

    POWER POPE! . . . . ROFL . . .

    . . . LOL . . . . BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA . . .

    That’s the greates’ . . . .

    I’ll add that to my arsenal for sure!

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