One journalist’s tale of being a prisoner of Al Qaeda in Syria

Flag of the Al-Nusra Front, or Al Qaeda in Syria (from Wikipedia)

Not much else to write today, as I’d rather give your attention to the story I’m linking to. I normally ignore the links that Starbucks’ throws at me when I connect to their WiFi, but this one — the story of journalist Theo Padnos’ two years as a prisoner of of Al Qaeda in Syria — was worth the time it took to read it.

It’s a bit long (maybe 8000-9000 words), but many will find it worth the time to read. It certainly made some things much more real to me. Makes very plain how terrible it is to fall into the hands of people who are so given to inhumanity, how difficult a time it would be to deal with a population where even its youngest members are being actively programmed to hate, kill, and destroy, and what a trap it is to be continually bound to conflicts in which both allies and enemies hate you with a depth you cannot understand. There will be a lot of work to do in God’s Kingdom. May it come quickly, and may we strive all the more now to be worthy of it.

Here’s the article, from the New York Times magazine: “My Captivity: Theo Padnos, American Journalist, on Being Kidnapped, Tortured and Released in Syria.”

2 thoughts on “One journalist’s tale of being a prisoner of Al Qaeda in Syria

  1. And some people wonder why the Bible prophesies such summary judgment against some peoples. It’s the only language which will give those peoples a chance to repent and be saved from the trap they’re in. As someone wrote to the London Times before WWII about some equally vicious people then on the horizon, “Can you hope to reason with a mad dog?” 😦

  2. Teresa

    Whew! I started the article in the middle of teaching days, just reading a few paragraphs at a time, so didn’t finish until this morning. I think the author was correct, I think it was a miracle that he was released. It’s revealing to see the extent of the ambitions of the jihadists…..Jerusalem….and then Rome…..and I’m sure Paris, London, Moscow, and Washington DC after that. 😦 The Jews in Israel try to warn us as to how dangerous the jihadists are, and are mystified as to why the nations of the world put the bulk of blame on the head of Israel when they retaliate for continued bombings and terrorist attacks. The article certainly shows the potential for the fulfillment of the prophecy of the the King of the South rising against the King of the North.

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