Nice visit to beautiful Mt. Airy Forest in Cincinnati

After the previous two posts, attacking science magazine ads for their philosophical self-contradictions and attacking the entire multiverse, maybe I ought to step back a bit, huh?

Mt Airy Forest
A beautiful dry creek bed in Mt. Airy Forest. (Photo credit: Me!)

This past Sunday my family and I had a wonderful day hiking at Mt. Airy Forest in Cincinnati. It’s a beautiful place, especially this autumn, with a gorgeous display of colorful leaves. I love being surrounded by trees in the fall when the leaves are falling around like living snowflakes, and Mt. Airy was putting on a beautiful display. When you take a look at what the forest there has to offer, it’s clear that we only scratched the surface, but it was enough for a wonderful outing. Actually, my wife took some spectacular photos–none of which are shown in this blog post. 🙂 These two pictures were taken with my iPhone, so don’t expect much! (Her pictures are on her computer, but I plan to grab some for myself in the future.)

The history of Mt. Airy Forest is interesting, and Wikipedia gives it good coverage. It is one of the earliest urban reforestation projects in the nation, if not the first and certainly the first on such a large scale (the forest covers almost 1,500 acres). Knowing that it represents a land returned to beauty having previously been deforested and unprofitably cleared of trees made it seem even more beautiful — a relatively small picture of what mankind may be guided to do on a global scale in the Millennium.

Mt Airy Treehouse
“Everybody’s Treehouse” at Mt. Airy Forest. I thought my Beautiful Wife was taking a picture of Boy #4 on the deck in this photo, but I don’t see them, now. (Photo credit: Still Me!)

The real reason we went was to see the Treehouse — billed as the only wheelchair accessible treehouse in Ohio. It was pretty neat! Kids really liked it until Boy #2 bonked his head really hard on a support beam that was sticking out under the roof. I told him that was one of the perils of life that short people like me don’t have to worry about. 🙂 The graffiti in the building was sad to see, but surprisingly little compared to what I feared. (Perhaps due to the posted security camera outside.)

A very nice place to visit for those who like beautiful scenery! I look forward to seeing more of it in the spring and checking out the lake, gazebos, arboretum, picnic areas, and camping options, as well as simply trying more of the hiking trails. I wish we had known about it earlier!

[UPDATE, 10/29/2014 AM: Grabbed just a few of my Beautiful Wife’s photos and am adding them below. Took them off of Facebook. Very pretty! (The pictures are pretty, too 🙂 ) She also took some with her new macro-picture taking thingies (I don’t know what they are called) of some mushrooms and moss and flowers, but I’ll stick with just a few artsy scenery shots. I think the first is my favorite, though I like the colors in the third one.]

Mt Airy Forest - Beautiful Wife photo 1

Mt Airy Forest - Beautiful Wife photo 2

Mt Airy Forest - Beautiful Wife photo 3

2 thoughts on “Nice visit to beautiful Mt. Airy Forest in Cincinnati

  1. Thomas

    Don’t sell your skills in the photography department short, my friend. They back up your text quite nicely. Very beautiful and tranquil looking. God speed the Millennium!

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