Great site concerning Moon Landing conspiracies

Well, we're back from the Feast! Wait... this doesn't look like Ohio... I knew we should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque.
Well, we’re back from the Feast! Wait… This doesn’t look like Ohio… I knew we should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque.

We’re back from the Feast! Sort of. Physically, you get back, but (1) your mind still wanders to the amazing things you heard and experienced, and (2) there is a lot to do to get back up to speed with real life again. 🙂 So, today my family and I jump into doing the second thing. I know the boys are looking forward to getting back into their math classes today. (OK, I am pretending that my boys are looking forward to getting back into their math classes, today.)

And there is lots that could be blogged about, today — Ebola! Houston pastors & subpoenas! Our Feast! — let me blog on something random. Consider it a palette cleanser.

Of all the “conspiracy ideas” that I have encountered over the years (and there have been several), one of the most fun has been the one claiming that the American’s manned moon landings, beginning in 1969, were a hoax and deliberately faked by the U.S. government.

I have never found the idea believable, and after looking at a large amount of “evidence” that initial impression has not been reasonably challenged. And it has been tackled by a large number of people, including — in one of their many enjoyable episodes — by the Mythbusters team.

Well, while doing some unrelated research this Feast, I came across a neat website completely devoted to busting various “moon landing hoax” theories: Moon Base Clavius.

It doesn’t seem to be updated frequently, and, of course, doesn’t need to be. Once something is debunked, it doesn’t need to be constantly re-debunked, and there isn’t much left for “moon landing hoax” to come up with. Still, they do keep up with the news apparently. The current Clavius homepage has a link to a fairly recent (September 18, 2014) item about a new computer gaming process (specifically, an advanced one for modeling secondary lighting from reflective surfaces) that proves the lighting of Buzz Aldrin’s ladder descent in a famous photograph is exactly what one would expect in the moon environment given their surroundings at the time. Designed to consider the terrain, materials present, etc., the computer model recreated the photograph nearly perfectly — and in contradiction to conspiracists, who claim that the photo should be impossible due to the lack of air on the moon. In fact, the modeling effort was a 2-for-1 effort, because it also demonstrated the falsehood of another conspiracist claim: That if the shots were actually on the moon, the stars should be visible. The model demonstrates why this is not the case.

These things have been debunked before, but the use of the computer model to do so was novel and a neat article (IMHO). The YouTube video at the referenced site was brief and interesting to watch, as well. Of course, the point of the video was to promote the software, not just to demonstrate how the hoax theorists were wrong, but it’s still educational.

So, if it’s something up your alley, check out Moon Base Clavius. I know that those whose alley includes “moon landing hoax busting” represent a pretty small population, but, hey, it’s my blog, so, there you go. 🙂

It is great to be back, and it’s nice to roll up my sleeves and work to return to normalcy — or, at least, what passes for that in the Smith household! I pray that all of us will be able to put to work in our lives all the things God blessed us with at this past Feast of Tabernacles. That will be my focus for some time to come, to be sure. Meanwhile, I’m working on faking a Mars landing in my basement. Anyone know where I can purchase eighteen tons of red dust for a good price?

8 thoughts on “Great site concerning Moon Landing conspiracies

  1. David Machancik

    Maybe this should not be considered the real world since it lasts for an instance in the depths of eternity?
    When it comes to whether certain things are real, maybe the question is are some of our “artists” real? Who could of dreamt up Miley C 20 years ago?

  2. This is a subject of great interest to me back then as much as now. I hated the idea that this was all a conspiracy. It beat at the walls of my wishing to trust in power as much as not trusting those in power. I always loved Astronomy,still do. But the thought of this having been a conspiracy was more than I really wanted to believe. However if enough evidence comes my way, I must follow the truth.
    Good post

  3. And, Yisraela, the evidence is so overwhelming, nay incontrovertible, that we DID go to the moon that nobody could pay me enough to believe otherwise. 😀

    One of my personally favorite evidences (not because of its strength per se but because of its elegance) is the fact that several Apollo missions put laser reflectors on the moon. Similar reflectors were put down by unmanned US and USSR landers, but we sent no such landers to the Apollo sites (although one manned mission deliberately landed near one of the NASA Surveyor landers which had touched down years earlier). Only men could’ve put the Apollo reflectors there. Astronomers still use those reflectors, set down by robots and by men, to measure the distance to the moon with great precision.

  4. Yes I had heard something similar in a documentary on this subject. Still there were those who tried to point to some mythological bunch of nonsense as I felt it was. But I still told myself, just hold onto what you feel and let the rest unfold itself in time.

  5. Right. That’s what is nice about the Clavius site. Just the facts there. Shines a light on the ideas of hoaxmongers and adds clarity where needed to see through the fog of distracting and confusing comments. Demonstrates the fact of the moon landings very well. Some could still hold on to ideas that they did not happen, but only at the cost of their integrity and dedication to truth.

  6. Steve

    My brother and I faked a moon landing in our basement. Constructed a moon lander out of wood blocks and tin foil; and guided it down with wires strapped to the floor joists (above). Kids! Maybe we should’ve filmed it.

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