Another pleasant trip to Charlotte concluded

Tomorrows World sign outsideI’m finally back from Charlotte! Well, actually, I’ve been back since Friday last week, but the fact that we traveled straight to Akron to conduct services and a Bible Study and the need I had to finish an article for the Tomorrow’s World magazine by yesterday means that only now do I feel like I am really back. 🙂

The trip went really well and was a nice chance to touch base with friends and comrades (or colleagues if that sounds too USSR for you). The tapings on Wednesday went very smoothly, with the only glitch that I can think of being sort of frame rate thingy causing a screen flicker for one of cameras–something which was easily dealt with. The titles of these two were “Dive Into Prophecy” and “Is God Calling You?” I hope I did the subjects justice, and I look forward to the great job our post-production team will do with the work we all did that day. In the event anyone from our TV team ever looks at this little blog, thanks for your hard work!

I took my whole family this time. We can’t always afford to do that. My four boys have a very bad habit of needing to eat every once in a while, and they have increasingly large bodies to fill (that the older boys are approximately 27 feet tall). But, I like them to be able to see what I do, so I’m glad that they were able to come. And bringing my Beautiful Wife is always a plus!

We stayed in the condo where Mr. Peter Nathan is currently residing, which was a real treat. He was such a nice fellow. As we chatted, he almost seemed to know more Church folks in Texas than I did! And Mr. Meredith, as he kindly often does, generously invited me to sit in on his weekly luncheon with his executives, where I enjoyed a sandwich, some chips, and listening to updates on the Work and the day-to-day functioning of the Church. (The macaroni and cheese that came with my sandwich and chips was a nice bonus!)

I have consistently maintained that I am in the Living Church of God for three reasons: the Truth, the Work, and the Government. I can respect the different opinions of others, but — for me and my house — this is why we are here. If we saw some other organization that we better represented God’s expectations in these three things, we would conclude that Christ was perhaps working there in a more meaningful way than He is working here. But we don’t. Rather, we see those things here in a beautiful and remarkable way that we simply don’t see anywhere else. I am so thankful for that, and this trip to Charlotte was a brief and pleasant reminder in many ways.

For those of you who knew we were taping last week and prayed for the outcome, thank you very much! For now, it is good to be back home and going back to “regular” work–at least until the rush of the holy days hit in a few days. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Another pleasant trip to Charlotte concluded

  1. obeirne

    I am so pleased that everything went well, Mr. Smith. There is no doubt in my mind or heart that the Living Church of God is being directed by God in the great work being carried out.

  2. Steve

    Taking your boys along was a great idea. My father did that when I was a kid, and it gave me a much more tangible understanding of what he did.

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