Flashback: Thank you, Mr. Armstrong

As I've mentioned before, one of my favorite pictures of Mr. Herbert Armstrong.
Herbert and Loma Armstrong

Today marks the 28th anniversary of the death of Herbert W. Armstrong. I hope that we’re all thankful for the work he did–really, the work that God did through him–and for the impact it had and continues to have as the ministry he invigorated continues through those he personally trained to carry on God’s Work.

I was starting to write something today about Mr. Armstrong (in fact, I already had it titled: “Many thanks, Herbert W. Armstrong”) when I realized while adding a link that virtually everything I wanted to say I had already written exactly two years ago on this same anniversary in a previous post: “Thank you, Mr. Armstrong.” Rather than essentially rewrite the same post over again, I think I will just refer folks to that one and make today a “rerun” day.

So as not to split the topic’s comments into two different locations, I will disable comments on this post, but comments can still be made on that post by following the link.

Here’s the post: “Thank you, Mr. Armstrong”