Another great Council of Elders meeting

Not too long a post tonight. I’m tuckered!

Just wanted to thank those of you out there who have been praying for the Living Church of God Council of Elders meetings that have taken place this week. They went swimmingly!

On one hand, they were sobered by a variety of current events, not the least of which was the plight of those we still haven’t heard from in the Philippines (though we are thankful for the clearly miraculous protection received by one family we have connected with). That area is so devastated, and I hope they are in our prayers, daily.

On the other hand, the meetings were so uplifting! What a remarkable group of men, and what a privilege to get to participate in their discussions. I won’t go on and on (I believe I have done enough of that in a previous post or two about the Council meetings in the recent past; I’d add links to those posts if this WordPress app for the iPad made it easier), but suffice it to say that this meeting was very much like the others I’ve mentioned: a room full of brothers delighted to be serving together in the most rewarding work we can imagine and taking their task very seriously before God. Compared to the sort of “political” environments I have experienced in circumstances outside of the Church, the level of teamwork and unity and “politics free” discussion in the group stands out that much more. As before, I felt a great degree of freedom to speak my mind, even with a contrary or alternate opinion or thought, and it was a real joy. Dr. Meredith, as well as Mr. Ames and Dr. Winnail under him, have done a wonderful job creating a very free atmosphere where counsel can be freely given and openly discussed and considered. Kudos to them and to the great fellows I have the privilege to work with, who also play such a big role in making that atmosphere possible.

In other news, I am not taping two programs Thursday like I had planned. Mr. Ciesielka told me that they are just two weeks away from some major upgrades to the “stage right” (viewer’s left) portion of the studio — changes we’ve wanted to make for quite some time (no more Dome of the Rock!) — and that it might be good if I could put off taping until after that. That was music to my ears, since I was behind on my script work, so it looks as though my family will leave a little earlier for the Charlotte weekend next month so that I can squeeze those tapings in. Still, thanks to all of you who we’re praying for the programs — keep praying! 🙂

Tomorrow I will be doing some work on a new article and participating in some promotional photographs for the telecast. Since all four telecast presenters are here — plus Mr. Gerald Weston and Mr. Mario Hernandez, who present for our outside-the-US programs — this seemed like a great opportunity to get some pictures of all of us together. I wonder if I can lose 50 pounds before tomorrow morning and grow some more hair? And muscles? Probably not. And besides, I’d hate for my wife to wake up and not recognize me.

Thanks, again, to all of you who have been praying for our meetings! They really have been fantastic and such a pleasure to be a part of. Many are traveling tomorrow and Friday, so please pray for their safe travel, as well (ours, too!), and we look forward to being back in our own area soon.

[EDIT – 11/20/2013: I heard that some weirdo out there says that Mr. Meredith was barely at the meetings due to his wife’s health and his own, which (according to the weirdo) is supposedly not well. The weirdo, who is not in our fellowship at all and who routinely says things that are about as close to being the opposite of the truth as is possible, is clearly not taking his medication or else has gotten into some bad peyote. Mr. Meredith chaired virtually the entire meeting with the exception of about an hour-or-so after lunch on Day 2 and an hour-or-so after lunch on Day 3, both instances of which were related to caring for his wife. How some people can take zero information and talk about it as if they know something they do not know is beyond me. I don’t want to assume that they know they are lying, which feels awful, yet the only other thing to assume is that they are truly and completely deluded and/or given over to a lying spirit. And assuming that feels pretty ugly, too. I think I will stick to the “bad peyote” theory, since it seems the most charitable. – WGS]

9 thoughts on “Another great Council of Elders meeting

  1. It is wonderful to hear such warm reports from you; we have confidence in our church leaders through Christ our Lord. More good news came in today that more of our brethern were found in their homes and are now beginning a journey to Manila. Praise God for His Mercies……………

  2. obeirne

    The two comments above express my own sentiments. I am not all surpirsed that the COE meetings have that wonderful spirit permeating them. After all, God is directing the proceedings through His Holy Spirit. How would it be any other way except how it is?

  3. Robert Petry

    Mr. Smith, you’ve mentioned taping programs for Tomorrow’s World. In one of your posts you mentioned working on your scripts. I used to watch the Armstrong’s do the radio program in studio at Pasadena. They always spoke ad-lib, with just notes. I have been told that all religious programs today, for some stations?, cannot speak off the cuff, so to speak, or they won’t broadcast the program. Is that true? On the public access TV here that was not required. TW is on the local access station here.

  4. No, Mr. Petry, thankfully there is no such restriction. Mr. Meredith, for instance speaks “off the cuff” for virtually his entire program, and all of us, I believe, vary from our notes when we feel moved to do so. I know I do, and I’ve been in the studio when Mr. King has. So, thankfully we can just focus on being effective.

  5. Robert Petry


    After knowing him since 1959 I can’t imagine Mr. Meredith using a script totally, unless it was the only way left to use TV.

  6. It is a psychoactive plant-based drug used by Native Americans for visions and religious rituals. I am using it here tongue-in-cheek to indicate the apparently hallucinatory state which must be needed to imagine the things certain ones seem to make up out of their heads. 🙂

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