How will we live? How will we SURVIVE?!?! Without…

"No, I know I said you could all keep your Internet service. But what I meant was..."
“Now, I know I said you could all keep your Internet service. But what I meant was…”

…the internet.

My family is experiencing a communications crisis as out home Internet access has ceased to exist. And, since our television and phone service worked through the Internet, it is down, too.

(I am posting this through the use of a tiny bit of unused bandwidth in the tracking device my reptilian, [fill in adjectives describing your favorite conspiracy theory bad guys here] overlords have implanted in my brain while pretending to be aliens abducting me. Hopefully they won’t notice.)

It won’t be so bad for me and the missus. We are about to leave this afternoon to head north for some visiting and services/Bible Study/Spokesman Club/quilting action then turning southeastward Sunday morning for North Carolina for COE meetings and a Tomorrow’s World taping. We won’t be back until Friday at the earliest, so we won’t miss it. Boys #1, #2, #3, and #4, as well as for Father-in-Law and Mother-in-Law, will have to bear the burden.

They should be fine, though. Time to rediscover some board games, which the kids really enjoy.

Actually, things may be fixed Monday when the service dude comes. The problem, as best I can tell, is the coax cable connection feeding us our fiber optic input. That is, the problem isn’t our router (power cycled 400 times, now) but lies in the actual input coming into the house or how that input is passed along the coaxial cable or how it is converted for the Ethernet connection. Company’s stuff, so hopefully company will pay to fix it. (Hopefully.)

Still — last night, as it became clear it was more than a “power cycle” problem, it was oddly unnerving. It’s not like a connection to the Internet is necessary for life, love, and happiness, but it did feel like a real “crisis” building.

What would Macgyver do? Be too busy defusing a bomb, probably.

All of that said, as mentioned above my missus and I will be off to Charlotte for some good meetin’s, good fellowshippin’, and good telecastin’ — busy times, so comment moderation will probably be even slower than usual and posting will probably be nonexistent. Have a great week!

8 thoughts on “How will we live? How will we SURVIVE?!?! Without…

  1. obeirne

    May you have safe travelling, joyful visiting, wonderful fellowshipping, successful quilting, fruitiful COE meetings, inspired TW telecast recordings and a blessed Sabbath!

  2. As I shall pray for restored communications to you and yours, pleas pray for my iPhone 5. It too is having a crisis, and so therefore is its owner. 😛

    This is one reason why I delayed so long in getting one of these things. Everything I once easily did without suddenly seems indispensable. I’m stuck now with the equivalent of “attempting to build a mnemonic circuit, using stone knives and bearskins.” 😀

  3. True, Steve, especially when there’s an app for each of these. 😀 Unfortunately, in both chess and checkers my iPhone is smarter than I am – I’ve never played even to a draw against it. Shows how good my logic is. 😛 Give me Charades any day – it plays to my strengths.

  4. Steve

    Hi, John. Chess is basically a game of pattern recognition. Which means that you have to play a lot. I only beat the computer about 52% of the time, even though I’ve been playing for years. I’m truly convinced that the masters of chess have an innate ability to recognize patterns – in a way that the average person doesn’t. You know, the same way that a 7′ tall guy will have a natural advantage at basketball. Still fun to play, though.

  5. Well, Steve, I’m not sure this explanation suffices. I have a very strong ability to recognize patterns. (When one looks at several of the Star Trek movies and recognizes the stars of the Glise Catalog portrayed in 3-D, because he’s already done 3-D work with the same data, and then confirms with the one who created the movie portrayals this was indeed the source of his data, that is strong pattern recognition!) Is the secret to good chess combining pattern recognition with logical systems thinking, at which I’m slow by comparison? I believe so. But other psychological orderings of perceiving and deciding, such as that behind the INTP preference, would be ideal for chess: combining strong pattern recognition with strong logical systems thinking. I suspect an ISTP would do well in chess too and for the same reason.

    Back to the subject: The Drs. Frankenstein and Igors over at the Apple Store were able to revive my phone with a hard reset. Didn’t know that was possible. I hope their parallels will revive the Smiths’ access with equal dispatch.

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