Poor René Descartes… Riffing on “the cogito”

Portrait of René Descartes
Mr. Descartes, I am so sorry. (By the way, you really need a haircut.)

I went on a weird little spree, today. I was thumbing through Boy #1’s excellent logic textbook this morning before work, and there were some humorous twists on René Descartes’ famous “Cogito ergo sum”I think, therefore I am. Much of my work today has been online-oriented, and as midday arrived the growing number of additional goofy quotes my brain was generating got to be too much to contain. None of them were quite as funny as the textbook’s originals, methinks, but that didn’t prevent me from tweeting them anyway. (OK, there is at least one personal favorite I like better.)

So, collected below you will find the day’s efforts – that which will surely cause René Descartes to have words with me in the Second Resurrection. They are displayed in their original tweets. Feel free and mention which one your favorite is below. Or which one is the most terrible. Or add your own. Or just write, “Shame, shame, shame…” (The originals from the textbook listed at the bottom, with credit.)

And, yes, I got some real work done, as well. 🙂

Credit/blame where credit/blame is due: sandwich, waffle, mountain, and sumo were the originals from Boy #1’s book, Traditional Logic: Book II, by Martin Cothran.

17 thoughts on “Poor René Descartes… Riffing on “the cogito”


    In “retaliation”: 😉

    Rene Descartes was conjugating his favorite verb one day, when he looked outside his window and saw the world’s first UFO. Being totally distracted, he forgot all about his actual exercise, which was meant to say, “I think, therefore I am thinking.” (You may blame that awful and non-Latinate joke on my best friend in high school, who put that in somewhat different words in a short story.)

    And from Yuni’s Latin Quotes online: “Cogito ergo doleoI think therefore I am depressed“. 😛

  2. Having everything to do with Steve Moody and nothing to do with Mr. Smith (should he allow this): Cave canem, te necet lingendo – Beware of the dog, he may lick you to death. 😀

    Pursuant to the Great Riff Valley: Cogito sumere potum alterum – I think I’ll have another drink. 😉

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