What song or piece of music inspires & motivates you?

So, name one that moves and inspires you.
So, name one that moves and inspires you.

Rather than some of the things I had considered writing about recently (the country is going down the toilet, strategies of non-prophets, how crazy good pistachios taste), I thought this might be a nice post. I was negative about music recently, and perhaps this will help to make up for it.

Is there a song or piece of music that really inspires you or motivates you? If you are like me, there may be many such songs. Today in the car on the way to the Post Office, I played “The Impossible Dream (the Quest)” from the musical “Man of La Mancha” about Don Quixote. The words of that song really move me and I have found much motivation and inspiration in them for many years. They stir me to dedicate myself to a higher calling, and I find in them many things that parallel the commitment I’ve made to Christ and to the Kingdom of God. I find it a beautiful song that has brought me to tears at times, and its context of being a “knight errant” on a mission only enhances it in my affections.

What song or piece of music really does that for you? Let me know below — and keep it to one piece of music. I know that is an arbitrary rule, but I thought it would be a fun restriction that would force us to think. If you have lots of others, perhaps I will ask this question again. After all, there are lots of pieces of music that do this for me, and I can use that future post as a chance to talk about them! But for this time, I am sticking to one: so you do the same! 🙂

So, of the songs or musical pieces that inspire you and motivate you, name one below and explain why it is so moving and stirring for you.

31 thoughts on “What song or piece of music inspires & motivates you?

  1. Steve

    I almost chose a Simon and Garfunkel song, but I’ll go with “The Weight” by The Band. They’re both songs about sticking together, helping each other through hard times, being there for them. I love those kind of songs. “Take a load off.. and put The Weight right on me….”

  2. Gail Abdow

    An oldie from the 1970s always brings me to tears – “He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother” by The Hollies. Beautiful words and music.

  3. Peponi (Paradise), as covered by The Piano Guys featuring Alex Boye. It’s a classical crossover cover, Africanized, of the rock song Paradise by Coldplay. All of the beauty of the original, none of the rock bombast, plus a nobility which makes me long for the real Paradise of God’s Kingdom…

  4. Texasborn

    Well, since I am a singer/songwriter, one piece of music that has inspired me to sing my very best is one that a roommate of mine wrote many years ago. Sadly, I have lost the lyrics to it long ago, yet the memory of it still sticks in my mind. I remember only a few fragments of it now. Ironically, it is a serious parody of “The Impossible Dream (The Quest)”! Naturally, it is titled “The Unreachable Note”–the last note of which ends on an almost impossibly high frequency for a male singer!

    A section that has always stuck in my memory bank is the original lyric sequence of “To be willing to march into Hell, for a Heavenly cause” which is changed to “Even though both my lungs ache like Hell for a Heavenly pause.”

    The last four lines in the original lyric sequence of “And the world will be better for this: that one man, scorned and covered with scars, still strove, with his last ounce of courage, to reach the unreachable star!” are changed–with an added dramatic coda!–to “And the song will be better for this: that one man–vocal cords nearly shot–still tried with his last strength of breath to reach the unreachable note! (Croak!)”

    Silly, I know, but it was fun to sing at the time!

  5. Don Wheatley

    Having owned a health club 5 years before I was called into the Truth and having to have to listen to the latest pop, disco, rock music, etc over and over for hours on end with added sounds of hundreds of pounds of weights often times crashing down onto the lifting platform competing with the jungle beat of the current music playing, I really appreciated the opportunity to come out of this present evil world and there waiting was Dwight Armstrong’s “Blest and Happy Is the Man”. Simple, clean and the perfect lyrics from God’s Holy Bible — Psalm 1.

    Today, I measure how far I am being enticed to go towards this present evil world by how much I desire to listen to this hymn compared to the rotten worldly music I left behind when I was called. It is a measuring stick of how worldly or how righteous my thoughts and desires are.


    Don W.

  6. Don Elder (Baba Sun)

    I am inspired every time I hear the song by Randy Travis “Forever and Ever, Amen”

    To me it describes how every husband and wife should love each other. As he says in the song: “As sure as I live, this love that I give, is going to be yours until the day that I die”

  7. The words of that song really move me and I have found much motivation and inspiration in them for many years. They stir me to dedicate myself to a higher calling, and I find in them many things that parallel the commitment I’ve made to Christ and to the Kingdom of God. I find it a beautiful song that has brought me to tears at times, and its context of being a “knight errant” on a mission only enhances it in my affections.

    Not just the words (what is said), but the vocal inflection turned into melody (how it is said), makes that song what it is. If a song is “through-composed” the melody and the words form an organic whole – not excluding different overall sentiments for different moods in different circumstances. Consider the difference between the lyrics of “Amazing Grace” as sung to its traditional melody and as sung to the melody of “The House of the Rising Sun” (yes, this can be done and has been done, and both results sound “through-composed”). 😀

  8. Rick Collins

    My favorite song that I sing often is; God is my Rock, my salvation, my hope
    2nd favorite is; Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken

  9. obeirne

    The song that really moves me is certainly not wordly and it is One Faith, One Love. It touches me especially when the brethren sing it at the Feast of Tabernacles. Its words and music are so overwhelmingly powerful and inspirational that I am upllifted every time I hear it.

  10. I’m afraid it would be hard to single any one song out; there are so many over the many years of life I’ve been given that have come to my aid. Songs that motivate, songs that ease loneliness, songs that bring back sweet and priceless memories and songs that help one to relax. Of course there are those that do the opposite as well. But if you were to really force me to give up at least one I would have to say it would be, “Watch The Lamb”. I sang that at different churches and Stonecroft meetings before coming to LCG. It was always a struggle to make it through without tears. As Christ hangs from the cross, Simon’s two small sons came to him and took his hands. They were supposed to be caring for the lamb that they had brought to Jerusalem to be sacrificed, but it had run off in all the commotion. Simon turns them to face the cross and says to his sons, “watch the Lamb”. It seems I can hardly write of it without tears. Yes, that would be my pick; Christ sacrificed His life for me.

  11. Steven

    Here is a great question to ask me since I am the “source” when it comes to music. Although I wouldn’t rank this song in my top 100 or 200 of all time, in terms of it being “inspiring” I would rate the song “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd as #1. Again, I am ONLY basing this rating on the “inspirational factor”. A classic nonetheless.

  12. Teresa

    One song that pulled me through one of the low times in my life, thus being inspirational, is “To the Hills I’ll Lift Mine Eyes”. I remember singing “All my help comes from the Lord, Who hath made the heaven and earth…..” while crying and milking my goats. This song still comes to mind when trials strike.

  13. Carolyn Lovette

    I’ll go with Life’s a Dance by John Michael Montgomery…………………life isn’t always perfect but we can enjoy the journey.

  14. Norbert

    Plenty of songs inspire me to listen. A very small number of songs inspire & motivate me. Moe Koffman comes to mind, his music gives me an impulse to do some fervent housework.

    Apart from some hymns (the kind of songs that prompts me to keep going), the only popular song that both inspires and motivates me is “Hurt”, the Johnny Cash version on youtube. I do not regret one day of actively running away from an empire of dirt.

  15. can’t pick only one, not many from the world can get it all correct … but how about Matisyahu’s “One Day”.

    (also bonus for Norbert, are you familiar with Cash’s version of “Ain’t No Grave”?)

  16. At the risk of being thought weird, I feel inspired by the popular oldies song, “My Boyfriend’s Back”, by the Angels. Think of the singer as the bride, Christ as the returning boyfriend, and the bride is singing to the false prophet or beast, “You’ve been spreading lies that I was untrue…He’s been gone for such a long time…You’re gonna be sorry you were ever born, ’cause He’s kinda big and He’s awful strong…”. I can listen to this song for encouragement whenever I think about the persecution and false accusations coming on the Church.

  17. Very creative, ptgauthor. I could mention that I have similar thoughts about the instrumental work “Bombay” by Chris Spheeris, albeit of India coming out of idolatry when she meets her true and meant-to-be Lord and Husband – but that would be, ahem, cheating. 😉

  18. Kathy Hall

    I love the hymns we sing and they always inspire and uplift me, but one pop song that I think of when I am having a rough day is “Mean” by Taylor Swift. Satan can be so mean and I sometimes belt out the chorus “Someday I’ll be living in a big old city (Jerusalem!) and all you’re ever gonna be is mean. Someday I’ll be big enough so you can’t hit me, and all you’re ever gonna be is mean.” Some of the lyrics to that song are very accurate about how Satan works. He is one of our biggest battles, besides ourselves, and I try to remember that some day he will be in the bottomless pit and everyone will look at him and say ” This was the one who deceived the nations?”. He is all lies and illusions and it helps me to be focused on our real future and the fact that God will take care of everything. It helps me to be patient and keep things in perspective. I may be picked on or put down or hurt, but I know how things are going to end, and that makes it easier to endure and brush off the “fiery darts”(Eph. 6:16).

  19. Barbara Markov

    My all-time favorite composer is Beethoven, and favorite piece of music is the fourth movement of his Ninth Symphony. Each time I hear it I am inspired. I have sung it a couple of times and can’t say I like all of the words, but the musical setting of Schiller’s “Ode to Joy” has not been outdone by anyone so far. (IMHO) Perhaps the most inspirational thing of all is that Beethoven composed it when totally deaf.

  20. Barbara Markov

    At the risk of being scolded for posting two songs, I will mention a relatively new inspirational song called “Redeemer,” words and music by Nicole C. Mullen. The main theme is based on Job 19:25; she also paraphrases other verses later in Job. There are many renditions on YouTube.

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