Is our society just one big conspiracy?

Great commentary this Sabbath out on the Tomorrow’s World and Living Church of God websites: “Is it a conspiracy?” by Mr. Glen Gilchrist. I know a few folks here and there (not in our Church, BTW) who are too focused on conspiracy theories and who need to read it. A few of them even check out this blog on occasion.

So hang up your tin foil hat for a while, sit down with your coffee, and let Mr. Gilchrist explain the facts of life. Here’s the first paragraph and a link to the rest:

For thousands of years, mankind has been fascinated with the roles of real or imagined conspiracies in the lives of individuals and societies. It’s no different today. When we look at the evils and failings of our present Western societies, it’s easy to wonder if some variety of conspiracies are involved in perpetuating things as they are. The rich seem to get richer; the poor seem only to get poorer. Food prices rise rapidly; gasoline prices rise even faster. Could it be that some master “Oz” character hides behind the curtains somewhere, manipulating prices for the benefit of some cabal of the rich and powerful?

Read more here: “Is it a conspiracy?”

22 thoughts on “Is our society just one big conspiracy?

  1. For all you STAR TREK geeks out there:

    “What do you know about conspiracies, Captain [Picard]?”
    “Not nearly enough I suppose.”
    “That’s the charming thing about them, isn’t it? When a machination is real, no one knows about it. And when it’s suspected, it’s almost never real.”

    ST:TNG / Conspiracy, cited in QUOTABLE STAR TREK

  2. Norbert

    In my view when it comes to setting prices and such conspiracy. The people and institutions in charge of where to put the decimal place, are similar to king Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel 4:28-31

  3. Steven

    The fact is, the world’s economies (whether you want to believe it or not) is run by 13 very evil families that dictate everything from the price of oil to how much you will pay for a pack of chewing gum. Here are the names: 1) Astor; 2) Bundy; 3) Collins; 4) DuPont; 5) Freeman; 6) Kennedy; 7) Li; 8) Onassis; 9) Reynolds; 10) Rockefeller; 11) Rothschild; 12) Russell; and 13) Van Duyn. All this is based on a tremendous amount of research by Fritz Springmeier* (not to mention many others who have come up with the exact same conclusion). [*Edit by WGS: Note, that would be convicted armed bank robber Fritz Springmeier.]

    There is so much to say, but there is a tremendous amount of information regarding this subject to those who are interested in learning what is really going on behind the scenes. Perhaps, the best way to sum it all up is to quote Gordon Gekko (from the legendary movie “Wall Street”) when he said “Now, you’re not naïve enough to think we’re living in a democracy, are you buddy?”

    I rest my case.

  4. Howdy, Steven. It’s always so cute when you end your comments with “I rest my case.” Please continue to do that every so often. Thanks.

    First, I hope you don’t mind me adding the information you left out about your fantastic sources. Springmeier certainly seems a trustworthy guy, huh? No irrational beef against the government there, no sir.

    Second, you gave me permission on June 2, 2011 to ignore all of your conspiracy theories when you said you would abandon all of them if oil did not move to between $180-$200 by November or December 2012, as it was foreordained to do according to your amazing, sure, certain, absolute, etc. elite-exposing sources. Result: Oil got nowhere close to those figures like you said. (Still haven’t, by the way.) If you don’t remember your exact words of certainty and absoluteness back then, do review your e-mails. I would post them here but that would feel cruel.

    So, you may not keep your word and abandon those theories like you said you would do if your “certain” declaration proved false (which it has, and utterly so). But whether you choose to keep your word or not, please forgive the rest of us if we consider your credibility, to put it as kindly as I can, not the best.

    Now, perhaps you’ll re-read the commentary again and learn from it this time. “Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid” (Prov. 12:1).

  5. Steve

    A worldwide conspiracy does exist – so gigantic in scale that nobody will believe you. It involves a fallen angel who prowls the Earth, promoting as much havoc and destruction as he can. And he has managed to manipulate people into believing that he doesn’t exist.

  6. Steven

    Mr. Smith, with regard to the price of oil prediction, there was a “delay” in that happening. Again, the “powers that be” i.e. the Families listed alter specific times to execute their plans (based on Bilderberg meetings etc.) . Make no mistake, the price of oil WILL go to $150-$200 a barrel or MORE! The date (obviously) has now been pushed back.

    If you stop and think about it, you will realize that this completely supports what the Bible says. Essentially, the evil powers in the world will continue to bring grief to the “average person”. We are seeing this right before our eyes! Therefore, everything is going exactly as planned and it is only going to get worse.

    Next, are you are going to tell me that George Washington was not a Free Mason or that there is nothing wrong with Free Masonry? Let me guess? That was a false conspiracy as well? Come on my friend! You need to stop going by what the mainstream media spits out as propaganda and get to the real facts.

  7. Steven: I will entertain this a little longer and use your comment to make my points. But if you want to spout additional nonsense on my blog on this topic, there will be conditions, which I will mention at the end.

    First, you have broken your word. You said these things would happen when they would happen and you said that you would “abandon” your theories if they didn’t happen at that time. Instead, you’ve made a predictable excuse and continued spouting the same stuff your own example has disproven. Your credibility is not good on this topic. (And, frankly, it’s affected on other topics, as well.)

    On the other matters you mentioned:

    (1) I do, indeed, expect oil to go high in the future, even without an imaginary Illuminati. One doesn’t follow from the other, and predicting abstractly like you do that it will go up “one day” is pointless and proves exactly nothing.

    (2) Yes, of course George Washington was a Mason–a historical fact that only an ignorant individual would think proves anything like what you are claiming. And it wasn’t a “conspiracy” — it was public knowledge that he was a Mason. Please, please, please, take a course in basic, simple logic or something, because your non sequiturs are starting to hurt my brain…

    (3) FWIW, our members do not become Masons and such because it involves oaths they would not be able to keep and has roots in pagan observances (frankly, like many of the observances your “Christian” friends keep every year), and not because the Masons and the Jews are supposedly running the world from Satan’s Super-Special-Secret Throne.

    (4) I actually think most of the mainstream media does an atrocious job, indeed, of accurately reporting the news, but I do not think it is because the MSM is completely controlled by the Illuminati. Frankly, who in their right mind would think that? Did you actually read the commentary I linked to in this post, or did you just see the title and decide to comment? Please read the commentary.

    (5) No, Illuminati-based distractions do not fit the Bible’s prophecies the way you describe. The grief brought to the “average person” is primarily due to sin, plain and simple, and not because some Jew is in a secret room plotting to make his life horrible. The “evil power” in the world you should be concerned about is not a mysterious group of men sitting in a dark room and smoking cigars, plotting and planning how to continue their bloodlines, and getting frustrated at the increasing number of people who have discovered the power of tin foil hats to ruin their mind-control rays. Rather, the “evil power” in the world is Satan the devil who deceives the whole world (including “average people” like you and me) and who continues to distract everyone with whatever tool works well on them. For some, it is sex. For others, it’s sports. And for others still, it is UFOs. For you and those with similar weaknesses like yours, it is comically elaborate conspiracy theories.

    Enjoy them if you like, but I won’t let you use my blog to spread them.

    In the meantime, if you’d like to on your conspiracy theories here again, Steven, I will have to make a requirement. You will need to explain, first, how spreading such theories doesn’t fail to contradict your word, given to me on June 2011. That word was this: “Yes, if my prediction does not come true for the price of oil for 2012, then I will abandon any ‘theory’ mentioned.” And, for the record, your “prediction for the price of oil for 2012” was this (also June 2011): “All I will say now is that I will be even MORE specific for you. Oil will be between $180-$200 by Novemeber (sic) or December of 2012.”

    Note: You said “will be” — not “might be.” You also said, “my prediction…for the price of oil in 2012” — not “my prediction…for the price of oil sometime in the future.” You also said of your 2012 prediction, “Just remember, if I wasn’t sure about my research/information then I would keep silent.” (That was when your boasting went into overdrive, by the way: “You heard it here FIRST!… My question to you Mr. Smith, is when (not if), but when this happens, what will YOUR response be? Will my middle name be ‘Babe Ruth’?” — the parenthetical “not if” was yours, by the way; I did not add it.)

    In short: You said it would happen “in 2012”, you stressed that it was not an “if” it happens in 2012 but a “when” it happens in 2012, you said that if there were any doubt at all that it would happen “in 2012” then you would have simply kept silent–and all of that, Steven, was your boasting, certainty, confidence, and specificity, not mine.

    You can say that you were being arrogant or foolish and shouldn’t have been so specific, but that you still believe those sources — that’s certainly one out for you. You could say that those particular sources (which, as I pointed out at the time, had been disproved as false over and over again–facts you blew off at the time) have, indeed, been discredited, but that the overall picture of conspiracy is still true –that is another out you can take. You could even read the commentary this post was actually about and admit that you have fallen into one of the devil’s traps, getting you to focus on mysterious and shadowy cabals of men to the point that you miss the real evil he doesn’t want you to notice in your life and in the lives of others. That’s another response you could take.

    Regardless, I think we can all agree on this: No, Steven, your new middle name is not Babe Ruth. 🙂

    So, feel free to comment again, now or in the future. But if you want to pander conspiracy theories again here or copy-and-paste more foolish Illuminati junk, you’re first going to have to address the things you have said and why you are willing to break your word and abandon none of your theories at all, even though you said you would do so when your “price of oil in 2012” prediction failed. If you are unwilling to do that, then simply comment on other things where your credibility isn’t shot. Thanks.

  8. Sam

    Steven – After carefully reading your comments I can tell you know exactly what you are talking about. There is no question that conspiracies abound in this world….everything from: JFK to UFOs to The Vatican to Free Masonry to The Shriners (who actually are satanic Free masons) to “Black Ops” to the Bilderbergs to Hollywood etc. etc. There are literally hundreds of conspiracies out there.

    Clearly, the moderator has no idea what he is talking about. It’s as if he wants to live with the idea that conspiracies do not exist and that it is evil (somehow) to even talk about them and what the real truth is behind such topics. After all, it is for the benefit of everyone to know what is really happening. It’s ironic that you mentioned the Bilderbergs because they just had a meeting recently to most likely discuss how to further manipulate the economy. That Wall Street quote has become incredibly prophetic hasn’t it? Obama is one example of someone where countless proven legitimate conspiracies exist. The problem with the “conspiracy theorists” (like Alex Jones) is that they look for a hidden agenda for virtually everything. Now that is NOT what we are talking about here at all. Like you, I (and many others) are focused on the legitimate conspiracies that no doubt exist complete with eyewitness testimony. Although these theorists do a lot of good work exposing things that the public needs to know about, they many times look for things when there is nothing to find.

    A fantastic if not outstanding credible show on television that talks about and investigates “real life” conspiracies is called “Conspiracy Theory with Jess Ventura”. I would highly recommend it. I am not sure if you have seen it before, but most (if not all episodes) should be available to view on the Internet. You will notice that 100% of any conspiracy involving the government is denied to exist 100% of the time by any government official interviewed (if they even allow an interview). I must admit that Mr. Ventura (although I am not a fan of his atheistic views) is a very smart man who used to be the Governor of Minnesota and knows how the government works from the inside out. He tells it like it is and after watching an episode you will be more convinced than ever that these things are real. The evidence is undeniable. I would recommend watching the episodes focused on 9-11, Plumb Island and The Illuminati to start and then you tell me if conspiracies don’t exist.

  9. Greetings, Sam, and thanks for posting.

    Actually, quite the contrary: I definitely believe that there are, indeed, plenty of powerful men and women out there who do their best to manipulate all they have within their sphere of influence to accomplish various ends they desire. One would have to be ignorant of human nature and history to assume otherwise. That said, I do believe that such circumstances and their explanations are far more mundane than most big conspiracy theories describe.

    Such theories are vast in scope and demand more evidence to be believed than I have ever seen produced. Big claims require big evidence. The big evidence is almost always lacking.

    Not that there aren’t “connections.” The problem is that those “connections” have to be properly understood, and most conspiracy theorists whom I have met come to “understand” those “connections” based on assumptions and a worldview that are simply unwarranted and are insufficiently justified by the facts at hand.

    (These are of the sort that Steven likes, so your perception is a bit off.)

    Again, I hope people actually read the commentary linked above, “Is it a conspiracy?” Mr. Gilchrist really does an excellent job of covering the subject very succinctly. Another excellent Internet post on the subject is one I had read by John Carmack, titled “A Philosophical View of Conspiracy Theories”. He links to a great article that puts unwarranted conspiracy theories into a proper context. The Bible does so, as well, as highlighted by the commentary.

    As for whether or not Jesse Ventura’s show is truly “outstanding [and] credible” and not simply just another entertaining show in a long list of crafted productions with filtered facts meant to appeal to a particular target audience to get them to watch commercials, I won’t comment. I will just silently smirk to myself. (Done.) And as for “the benefit of everyone”, all I have seen come out of conspiracy theorizing in the lives of people is (1) an increased, unchristian willingness to slander others unjustly, (2) lives derailed and relationships destroyed, and (3) people being distracted from the actual spiritual focus that should be the center of their lives, thus serving the devil’s purposes, whether the conspiracy is true or not. (Well, I have seen conspiracy theorizing benefit some people: namely it’s peddlers–Alex Jones, Ventura, et al.–who profit well.) Isaiah 8:11-13 is still true, and those who live by it are blessed for it.

    It’s a tiresome subject, but I do hope that people will read Mr. Gilchrist’s excellent conspiracy commentary and even John Carmack’s blog post. Both are healthier and more profitable than most anything else others have referred to here related to conspiracies–broad, narrow, or whatever.

  10. Steve

    Jesse Ventura? Really? A friend (nice guy, but kind of out there) handed me this “documentary” about Obama being in secret cahoots with the Bilderberg group. Guest starring Jesse Ventura! The film was so looney that it was hilarious. There was even a guy hiding in a closet with a camera and microphone as the Bilderberg group arrived. Then he starts panting, “they’re after me now, they don’t want to expose this meeting…” And there was even Alfred Hitchcock music playing in the background! People actually feed on this stuff?

  11. Steve

    My apology for commenting one last time. And my apology to others for dismissing their beliefs with an admittedly sarcastic attitude.

    We live in difficult times. There’s a growing sense that our country is in trouble. That something is going on. That we’re “losing it.” That it might be something which we cannot stop. It’s like a worrisome temperature that keeps rising. And indeed, it’s not only our country, but the whole world.

    Conspiracy theories provide a certain architecture, a way of understanding current events in a trouble, confused world. A salve in turbulent times. I wish that those involved in conspiracy theories would consider the real cause, a fallen angel who sows discord, but it might not satisfy them.

    Empires come and go. Do you care about the political machinations that took place in the court of ancient Egypt? Do you care about the political machinations that took place in the Roman Senate? Of course not. They spent their whole lives wrestling for momentary advantage, only to have the winds of history scatter their memories like ashes in the wind. They’re skulls in the dirt, nothing more.

    Rather than worry about temporal conspiracies, let’s focus on the deeper, grander things of life. Being a good husband to your wife and a father to your children. Being an honest man who tells the truth and does the right thing. Helping an elderly woman with her groceries. Watering your neighbor’s lawn when he’s away. This is the power in the palm of your hand, and there is nothing that can stop it. We win.

  12. Steven

    Thanks Sam for the information, however, I already know about what you speak of. If anyone still does not give Jesse Ventura any credibility just watch the interview Piers Morgan did with a live audience whereby he constantly grilled Mr. Ventura in front of a live studio audience and pay attention to whom the audience feels is the credible person…..Excellent points made that nobody wants to talk about.

  13. My question about these conspiracies has always been to ask a very simple question… If these conspiracies exist, if these people are as powerful and able to manipulate everything exactly as they want to… why aren’t they powerful enough to shut down this information leaking and make the people with the knowledge and research just disappear?

    I would try to diagram that in a classical logical form, but it’s been far too many years since I had to use symbolic logic for anything.

  14. Steven: Actually, I encourage folks to see Ventura’s exchange with Morgan. Ventura’s credibility is not the best. The ability to assert something is not the same as the ability to prove it. To some, there is no difference — hence the easily convinced conspiracy addicts. They accept the conspiracies they like (bad government) reject the ones they don’t (NIV written by secret devil worshippers) when the quality of the “evidence” is identical. For those who’d like to read the transcript of Morgan’s interview with Ventura, it’s here. But don’t pay attention to the audience, like Steven recommends. (Actually, the fact that Steven recommends that you follow the crowd explains a lot.) Rather, read the words and judge for yourself. I have, and all I can say is that “The Body” ain’t “The Brain”…

    Andrew: Excellent point. I’ve thought that, myself. (Probably why I think it’s an excellent point! 🙂 ) It’s a point for which dedicated conspiracy cultists will have an answer, of course (they always do), but one that rational people should take heed to. I know of one crank someone brought to my attention who talks all the time on Alex Jones’ program — coming back and reporting what the “elites” are planning because he gets to sit in on their alleged secret meetings. Yet, the elites not only can’t somehow prevent him from broadcasting their plans over worldwide public airwaves and popular radio and television programs, they are also so stupid that they keep inviting him to their meetings. Who believes such things? It doesn’t make a difference to “true believers” that those individuals’ stories are irrational and their claims are continually wrong; it only matters that the tale they weave fits what the conspiracy cultists want to believe. The will to believe the conspiracy always outweighs an impassionate view of the facts.

    I’ll have to create that logical form when I do my “Official Definitive Conspiracies Post.” Which I will do. One day. 🙂

    Thanks to all for your comments! Now, start running — the helicopters are coming for you…

  15. Norbert

    Conspiracy is something mundane that is persuasively colored by assumptions, when all they are is a 5 year plan with a lack of transparency. I can assume many things about motives, intentions and what will be the outcome, some of them might pan out and others may not. Were I to state them as fact which many conspiracy theorists do…

    Part of human nature is being wreckless with words, the bridle the tongue problem. There’s a maturity problem there and what should be obvious “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor “(President Obama included): The wool has been pulled over the eyes of many a conspiracy theorist on that commandment.

  16. Steven: Howdy, Steven. Just wanted to let you know that I did get your recent comment submission about (yet another) 9-11 conspiracy theory. However, as I said above, I will not post any more of your conspiracy theories until you address the fact that you broke the word you had given to me–again, as detailed above. Feel free to comment on other things until then, but I won’t allow you to publish or promote any conspiracy theories on my blog until you address that previous matter and the promise you had made. I know you will think that’s “crazy” and that I’m being irrational, etc. Feel free to think what you like. You created this circumstance — I’m simply holding you to it.

  17. Steven

    Mr. Smith. I already addressed your question about what I said, but apparently, you deleted that too.

  18. Actually, Stephen, no you didn’t. Read your own “response” — it’s still above. Previously, you said that this would happen in 2012–no doubt about the timing, absolutely, definitely, bet the bank on it, no way it won’t happen then, expect it 100%, etc., ad nauseum — and that if it didn’t happen in 2012 you would completely abandon your conspiracy theories.

    It didn’t happen in any way, shape, or form, so now you say, “Well, they put it off.”

    If you think that is “addressing” your prediction and promise, then you need to run for office, because you could teach our politicians a thing or two about ignoring the words that come out of one’s own mouth and justifying breaking one’s word.

    Please, either keep your word and abandon your conspiracy theories like you promised you would (as your Savior said, let your Yes be Yes), or at least admit that you spoke arrogantly and/or stupidly (or at least that you were way too over-confident and over-zealous) and that you therefore plan to break your word and hold on to your conspiracy theories.

    I didn’t create this circumstance, Steven. You put yourself in this spot by being absolute, dogmatic, and certain and placing your integrity and credibility on the line. I’m just holding you to it. Let’s just say, to borrow a turn of phrase from the irritating Jeremiah Wright, that your over-confident chickens are coming home to roost. 🙂

  19. Sam

    Andrew – The answer is very simple to your question. The “Illuminati Controlled Media” allow selected pieces of information to be released to the public to make it “appear” to be legit and that society is actually democratic in nature. In reality, they only tell us what they want us to know. Case in point, Project Blue Book. You can look that one up. No doubt that is a conspiracy of the highest order amongst countless others.

    The secret societies always abide by the concept of “order out of chaos”. A whole book can be written on that subject, but let’s just say that the concept connects everything out there in terms of cover-ups.

    Steven – Great points once again. I did see that Piers Morgan interview and unfortunately for Mr. Morgan, he didn’t come out of that interview looking too good. I have to give Mr. Ventura credit. He asks the questions other are scared to. Like he has said on several occasions “I don’t believe every conspiracy theory, but I investigate them all”. Did you know that Mr. Ventura used to teach at Harvard? Don’t let the fact that he doesn’t always use the Queen’s English fool you into thinking he is not a very intelligent man. I would recommend his new book “63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You to Read” to anyone who denies or does not believe government conspiracies exist.

  20. The challenge with having a post on a topic like this is that nothing can challenge the mindset and beliefs of the True Believers. When it comes to those addicted to unwarranted conspiracy theories (or UCT addicts, for short), is that no evidence can ever or will ever refute their position for them. The Reality Distortion Field they have created is able to magically turn even the most sensible refutations into “confirmations.” It is a religion of the worst sort — not one based on reasonable faith, like Christianity, but one of blind faith, instilling all the “meaning” it needs to in whatever nonsense it has at hand in order to perpetuate itself.

    No amount of evidence is enough to disprove the conspiracy for UCT Addicts. No alternative worldview is ever more realistic than the conspiracy for UCT Addicts. Nothing is ever tempting enough to lead UCT Addicts down more rational roads. No unfounded slander is too harsh for UCT Addicts. An ounce of circumstance that may be interpreted as pro-conspiracy is enough to outweigh the ton of fact that clearly refutes the conspiracy theory for UCT Addicts.

    Like Mulder’s wall poster on the X-Files, UCT Addicts want to believe, and that is sufficient for them. It is all the motivation they need to cling to their ideas and to convince them there is proof where there is none. It is a perversion of real faith and the sort of unreasonable belief for which atheists inaccurately make fun of Christians, when, in reality, it is a flavor of faith that is foreign to true Christianity.

    So, with those thoughts in mind, it seems the best thing to do is to stop this discussion thread here, because it is becoming increasingly clear that it will become nothing but a place where UCT Addicts simply continue to show up to promulgate more horribly goofy ideas without actually dealing with the concrete points made in the commentary mentioned in the original post–“Is it a conspiracy?” by Glen Gilchrist–nor with the other ideas I have linked to, such as John Carmack’s helpful “A Philosophical View of Conspiracy Theories” and the article it links to, “Critical Thinking About Conspiracy Theories”. Should this thread continue, not only will the addicts continue to avoid addressing the difficult information being brought to their attention, they will, instead, continue to broadcast more goofy “The Illuminati/Freemason/Jewish Cabal/Disney Illustrators regularly communicate with an alien base on the moon, they destroyed the Twin Towers with directed energy weapons, they will spike the price of oil in 2012… er… 2013, they control every aspect of our media, and they stole my girlfriend” nonsense.

    Sure, it is amusing to hear these ideas and to hear Jesse Ventura taken more seriously than he should be. (By the way, his ideas don’t lack credibility because he doesn’t speak the Queen’s English. They lack credibility for the same reasons other ideas lack credibility: We should respect ourselves enough to demand more evidence for such tales than those who profit off of our gullibility are willing to give us.) And this thread could be left open purely for entertainment value. Or, it could be left open as an educational museum piece — as more and more ridiculous ideas begin to gather, they could be preserved here so that the rest of us could look at them on occasion and say, “There but for the grace of God go I,” and leave with a new appreciation for God’s mercy and the application of reason.

    But in the end, (1) if the UCT Addicts won’t actually engage with the material being presented to them (funny how they often accuse others of the same unwillingness), then any hope of actually helping them in this post is zippo, and (2) with no hope of being able to help them in the face of their unwillingness to address the material presented, this thread simply becomes a place for them to continue spouting such nonsense, which only feeds the UCT Addict’s problem, making things worse instead of better.

    Not that I won’t ever post again on irrational conspiracy theories and related addictions — I love the topic and probably will visit it again. But knowing how it will attract those who will simply ignore what is said as if it wasn’t said and who will merely use the post to accelerate their own downward spiral of addiction, maybe I will have to lay some ground rules for comments: such as actually reading and dealing with the material presented. After all, if one cannot address even a single criticism of his worldview, how solid can that worldview be?

    So, I’m glad that the post spurred some comments, though for at least a few here I wish that it had spurred some actual thinking. And if you are an Unwarranted Conspiracy Theory Addict who has found your way here by whatever means, don’t just react like so many of your fellow addicts do. Actually read the resources linked to in the post and in the comments and engage with the ideas there. You’ll be better for it.

    Now, I’m afraid I’ll have to stop here. My Reptilian Overlords, the Fiendish Alien Slaves™ of the Most High Jewish Freemasonic Illuminati With A Cherry On Top, say that it’s time to go to my daily reprogramming session. And they usually have cookies.

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