Fellow on Lifehacker discovers the Sabbath

Very brief post, today! I just noted that an article on Lifehacker today was written by a fellow who was experimenting in his life with creating a full 7-day workweek. He came to the conclusion–even with large break periods–that it was unworkable and, in the process, discovers Genesis 2:2-3 and the seventh-day Sabbath!

Interesting that even this nice fellow recognizes the obvious truth that the Sabbath is established in Genesis 2 and not in Exodus 20 (as the Bible attests, itself: Exodus 20:11, cf. Mark 2:27).

The article is here: “My 7-Day Workweek Experiment (and Why I Won’t Stick With It)”–not the deepest theological read you will encounter all day, but an brief, interesting note about one young man’s experiment with an approach to work other than the Bible’s. Of course, most school kids in generations past would have already known what he had to discover about Genesis 2, but, as is apparent around us, biblical literacy has long gone the way of the dinosaur in America.

So, for those of you who already live the command this young man has discovered, have a wonderful Sabbath tonight and tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “Fellow on Lifehacker discovers the Sabbath

  1. obeirne

    Very interesting and hopefully the quesion of the Sabbath will starting niggling at this young man so that he’ll take another look at it, but from a spiritual perspective. Your sentiment for the Sabbath is wholeheartedly reciprocated.

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