Terrain generators making me long to have my own planet

I had planned a much larger post on this topic, but as the week has gone on, so have my opportunities to write it. So, I’ll settle for a tiny opportunity before my wife and I run out the door for the weekend.

My boys and I like playing with a couple of “sandbox” games on the iPhone and iPad: Eden and Minecraft (generally, Creative Mode) Pocket Edition. I will show some screen shots one day, but for now, I’ll just move on.

It hit me, though, that there is likely some fairly accessible software out there by now that allows one to generate more realistic landscapes from scratch, and searching into that has opened up a whole new world of what’s available–amazingly, some of it for free. I don’t have the time, nor processing power, to delve into it much, but it has gotten my brain twitching in pleasant directions and looking forward to the time when God will grant “all things” to His Family and the adventure finally begins.

It really deserves a larger post, but for now I will just link to a couple of videos. One is a small one: a clip of some birds flying off in a scene created with the software Terragen, a piece of software that has been used in many, many big name movies and advertisements to create completely realistic, yet utterly non-existent landscapes. (The birds in that video don’t impress me as much as the landscape) The other is a longer one, also created using Terragen, then I find just plain pretty (nice little musical piece, too). Then we’re hitting the road. Still, I see some meditating on Hebrews 2:6-9 in my future tonight.

Here’s the vids — which, frankly, don’t even scratch the surface when you start digging around the Internet in the realm of computer-generated scenery, as there are some amazing images and videos out there. And, of course, I can’t imagine that it is even infinitesimally close to what we’ll see with God Family-generated scenery in the future. Have a wonderful Sabbath!

4 thoughts on “Terrain generators making me long to have my own planet

  1. obeirne

    Hello Mr. Smith: It’s impossible to imagine what place God will assign to us if we endure to the end, but should I qualify I think I’d like to try Mars – that is if I get something outside the earth’s atmosphere. In the meantime, the Sabbath approaches and I’m looking forward to meeting Dr. Winnail and hearing him deliver a sermon in Lurgan, Northern Ireland where the Belfast congregation assemble tomorrow. Although I live in the Irish Republic it is more convenient for me to travel to Lurgan than go all the way to Dublin and it wouldn’t be feasible for me to go that far anyway. I hope you and yours, including the congregation with whom you’ll assemble will have a wonderful Sabbath. Shabbat Shalom!

  2. obeirne

    I should have also said that this will be my first time to meet Dr. Winnail. When he was in Northern Ireland a few years ago I was unable to attend the service for some reason or other. Hopefully
    I won’t miss out this time.

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