On the way to the Council of Elders meeting

Tennessee out the front window and Charlotte down the road!

Well, being home lasted a little while! 🙂 Currently, Beautiful Wife and I are on our way to Charlotte for the spring Council of Elders meeting. (Don’t worry, she’s driving right now, so I can thumb-type safely to my heart’s content…)

I really enjoy Council meetings, and while I don’t know how long I will be in this spot before Mr. Meredith feels he needs to rotate in someone else, I will enjoy the opportunity until then! There is always a real atmosphere of camaraderie and teamwork, and, like I’ve written about before, that’s what I’d always prayed would be present in the Council. Praying for Mr. Meredith and Mr. Ames and the Church’s leadership and for their guidance and then seeing it in action is encouraging.

That said, it was a little sad to leave the boys this morning. Not that Europe wasn’t wonderful–it was! But as frustrating as the little twerps (said the blogger, lovingly) can be sometimes, we sure did miss them while we were gone. The goodbyes were drawn out and goofy this morning, but it wasn’t long and then they were smiling and waving in the rear view mirror and we were off to get gas in the van, buy a big glass of sweet tea for the trip, and shake off a touch of melancholy.

I know they’re in wonderful hands with Beautiful Wife’s mom and dad–who, of course, took marvelous care of them while we were gone over the last two weeks–and I am looking forward to seeing familiar faces in Charlotte and spending some time with some of the men and women whom I have come to love so much on this team God has assembled to do His Work. But I must say I am very much looking forward to our return on Mother’s Day, as well.

(And it makes me think about how much more difficult a trip like this would have been in New Testament times. Eight hours away by car and eight days or even eight weeks away by sandal or saddle are two very different things!)

Comment moderation may be slow again this week, so my apologies in advance. I may post here and there, though I doubt it as I also have a Living University class to finish this week, so my “off” time will probably be filled with essays and exams. 🙂 Have a good week!

7 thoughts on “On the way to the Council of Elders meeting

  1. I am thinking … I hope you all are in harmony with our creator and that much can be accomplished at this conference.
    I had an amazing conversation with a young woman in Michigan (whom I have not met in person) today. She and I share similar concerns for our respective husbands, as they both have the same kind of cancer. The amazing part was the outpouring of love that can only be explained by the holy spirit.
    Roderick C. Meredith has referred us to Galatians 2:20 about as many times as Mr. Armstrong gave us sermons about the two trees and when we all finally “get it”, perhaps the gifts of God’s spirit and the power of Christ living in us, will be evident.
    I pray you will have a safe, productive trip to Charlotte. Rita Haynes Voshell

  2. Well I say very good Mr. Wally. These little tidbits are inspiring to me as well. I enjoy your travels via the word press and other things that you share wit those of us not involved as closely as you are to headquarters. You could encourage the others to blog once in awhile, doubt they would have much time for it. I know that your time is limited as well, it would be good to hear from them besides the magazines and the recordings. It is kind of like letters from home.

  3. Glory Talbott

    All that you do, TV, minister, travel, meetings, internet blogs, etc AND you take a LU class?! How, can you bottle up some of your drive & send it to Charlotte for Jason & me? Or better yet, drop it off when you get here;)!

  4. Don Elder

    Speaking of taking a trip “by sandal or saddle”, I read on a Website that Jesus walked 21,525 Miles (or 34,640 km) during His journeys.

  5. obeirne

    It’s so encouraging to actually feel the enthusiasm overflowing from these messages, Mr. Smith. You may not realize this, but I think most of us who are privileged by being able to read this blog are uplifted by the kind of zeal expressed in your words concerning what you and your fellow members of the Council of Elders are doing. All of you are in our prayers that God, through His Holy Spirit, inspire and guide you as you discuss what you consider the various issues brought to your attention by God about world events and trends and ask God how to respond to them. Sadly one of those who has been and remains a faithful servant of God, Rod King, may have serious health issues and we are all, through our prayers, asking God to intervene and restore to him the spiritual and mental health, strength, energy and endurance to continue to serve Him so powerfully as he is and has been doing. Who can doubt that what we ask of God in the faith of Jesus Christ, as we do, will be bestowed powerfully? When we ask, it is not a matter of “if”, but only of “when” He will answer according to our earnest expectations.

  6. despinne

    I was just feeling bad today… physically, but why? Perhaps because of a situation that brought home to me that we must never let down in prayer–It might be the only thing between a loved one and disaster. So reading things like this and the responses is helpful in renewing my spirit. Maybe it’s allergies or a cold or the rainstorm moving thru today… just feeling very weak, but then I remember, When I am weak, God is strong.

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