Condolences concerning Mr. Luker

I was going to write a post today about a few more dumb rumors and statements out there being made by talebearers and false braggarts who should know better (and some who are apparently too ignorant to know better), but after hearing that Mr. Dennis Luker, president of the UCG, has died it all seemed suddenly very petty.

Let me take a few moments to express my condolences to those grieving with loss. I did not know him, but Mr. Meredith spoke highly of him and mentioned many times that he counted him as a friend. From what I have heard, he was a good man who will be missed very much. For those in grief, please know that many are praying for you and are thankful right along side you for the marvelous truth God, in His mercy, has shown us.

16 thoughts on “Condolences concerning Mr. Luker

  1. Jamie meakin

    He was a very good man! With my Mother’s family living in Washington State, and various friends attending UCG in the area, we have had various contact with the Luker family over the years. They took tremendous care of her best friend when she was dying of cancer a few years ago.

    Well said Sir!

  2. D. Crockett

    Mr. Luker was a gentleman. I last saw him at Mr. Apartian’s funeral.
    He and his wife were very cordial. I’m certain he will be missed.

  3. John Wheeler (Johanan Rakkav)

    Talebearing and such are always very petty. Nature of the beast. But that is for your next blog.

    Today, thank you for letting us know and for honoring Mr. Luker as I believe both God and those who knew him would want him honored. I never met him but I saw and heard him speak once while visiting the UCG. He struck me as a gentle man indeed.

  4. Ben & Ally Maddox

    What a shock! I hadn’t heard a thing till we received your T.E.R. just now. He was a nice man, I didn’t know him personally, but heard him preach several times way back in the 70’s at Pasadena and at Feast sites over the years. Our condolences to his family and friends, and the entire UCG Churches.

  5. Don Elder

    I knew Mr. Luker, as he was the local pastor in the Garden Grove congregation (WWCG) for a time. He hired me to do some work in his home and was very easy to work with. He was a caring and positive man. I am praying for Mrs. LeeAnn Luker and the rest of the family.

  6. I think I know the rumors you’re speaking of, and what’s interesting to me isn’t that there are those who will spread them. The Church has always been scattered because of the enemy’s tactics to persecute in any way those who love God. No, what surprises me so much is that so many will listen in with eager ears (“itching ears”?) to unfounded slander and insinuation, make mountains out of molehills, and give credence to those whom the accuser will use. Frankly, even if any gossip is true, what would it matter? It’s still not godly to spread private matters without the permission of those involved without cause (say, as in the case of a courtroom).

    “Whoever goes about slandering reveals secrets, but he who is trustworthy in spirit keeps a thing covered.” ~ Pr 11:13

    The real question I want to ask people, anyone, who engages in such behavior is: “When you stand before Christ, do you or do you not want to be known as trustworthy?” Christ said He would reward the good and faithful servant. What is “faithful” if not “trustworthy”?

    At any rate, I wrote my own article about Mr Luker and what impressed me about him, so I won’t repeat it here, but I do pray for comfort for his family. He had a job that would have been difficult under even the best of circumstances.

  7. Thanks, March Hare, and you do make an excellent point. There will always be liars in this world. And, in this case, concerning “liars” I do consider those who care so little that the slanderous things they say may not be true. They may actually believe the false rot they spew, but their careless disregard for whether it actually is or not and the malice they display concerning what they hope to achieve with their words puts them in that category as far as I am concerned. They are, after all, serving the Father of Lies. And I do hope that this Passover many will reflect on whether they are giving any credence to such ones.

    As for Mr. Luker, I will say that I happened to notice some particularly vile, hateful things said about his death by a few angry, bitter souls who, ironically, accuse us in the Church of hatred. What a shame. I appreciate your kind words and will go read your post.

    Thanks, again, for your thoughts!

  8. Fred Kellers

    I appreciate the kind comments made about Mr. Denny Luker. I have known him for over 52 years and know him to be a man of faith. He made many kind comments about Living Church of God and Mr. Meredith.

    Interestingly, he almost died at Ambassador College, as a student, in the very early 1960s. He had a ruptured appendix. Back at that time we did not go to doctors and hospitals. He was so sick, and headed toward death, that he couldn’t walk. He crawled from his bed to a closet where he prayed and faithfully asked God to heal him. He was healed almost immediately.

    Mr. Luker’s last written post concerning his sickness stated, “I am at complete peace and have confidence in God’s love, mercy and grace, and trust that His will be done.”

  9. Don Wheatley

    I know that Mr. Armstrong spoke with affection towards Mr. Luker on the sermon tape(s) that I listen to for Sabbath services since leaving the WCG in 1992.

    I am glad to hear that Mr. Luker prayed to God for healing instead of looking to man back when he was a student.

    I believe that Mr. Armstrong was correct in ruling on certain doctrines that were for our good not only spiritually but physically as well.

    Smoking causes cancer.

    And now there are warnings that makeup causes cancer.

    Mr. Armstrong was a true shepherd watching over not only our spiritual well-being but our physical bodies as well.

    One minister, who is still loyal to him and who served at headquarters back in the 1950’s chastised his listeners in a sermon for not eating organic food and warned of the consequences of allowing chemicals into our bodies by purchasing non-organic food.

    I remember his words every time I go to the store to buy food and am tempted to compromise.

  10. Howdy, Mr. Wheatley, and thanks for writing. Actually, you might read the website you provided more carefully, as it actually does not warn that makeup causes cancer. And, of course, Mr. Armstrong, himself, not only besought God but also went to doctors as he thought it was prudent. And finally, while equating eating anything that is not “organic,” in and of itself, with sin isn’t biblical, it is good advice and the booklet Dr. Meredith wrote, “Seven Laws of Radiant Health,” is still just as relevant to day as it was then.

    Thanks, again, for your comment.

  11. John Wheeler (Johanan Rakkav)

    Thanks for this, Mr. Smith. Given my wry sense of humor, I can’t help but think of two forms of hand-waving: “Life is carcinogenic” and “life is the number one cause of death.” 😛

    That said, neither God nor His human servants would like the idea of giving the Grim Reaper any more fodder than needful, would they? 😀

  12. Don Wheatley

    The article states about assumptions of the scientists and regulatory agencies:

    “Most scientists and regulatory agencies believe that it is very unlikely that cosmetic ingredients have serious health effects because of the low dose from such exposures, even with regular use. The assumption that the doses are low is generally based on the low levels of specific substances in cosmetic products, the limited areas of the body where they are used, as well as limited absorption through the skin. However, these assumptions are not always correct. For example, benzophenone-3, an ingredient in some sunscreens, can be measured in urine samples from most people in the United States.”

    So, chemicals applied to the skin CAN enter the body. How much effect they have varies just as cigarettes affect people differently.

    Ad against smoking:

    I remember working at a restaurant while going to college and all the pork/beef/chicken grease/waste from cooking was dumped into a metal drum and a cosmetic company would come by periodically and pickup the waste and I was told they put this in their cosmetics — lipstick — if I remember correctly.

    And eating organic food versus non-organic food as being a sin I did not say that exactly but for me the words of the minister have come into my mind more than once and I believe he is correct. For whatsoever is not of faith is sin. After he spoke against non-organic food, I try to buy organic whenever possible, for I believe his words were inspired and that God was speaking to me and warning me.

    Before WWII, the whole nation ate organic food, I believe one source has stated. Now, we have to pay extra to get food that has not been exposed to a variety of chemicals.

  13. Don Wheatley

    Well, I did not really validate what you said. There is a charge made against the FDA for not really being able to test the new cosmetic products. You seem to have missed this.

    Look what they posted on the link I gave:

    “How are cosmetics regulated?

    In the United States, both cosmetics and drugs are regulated by the FDA. For drugs, the FDA requires that new products be shown to be safe and effective before they are allowed to be sold. This is not the case for cosmetics. The main reason for this has been that cosmetics are applied to the outside of the body and the doses absorbed are typically much less than with drugs or food.

    Except for color additives, the FDA does not have the authority to require companies to test their cosmetic products before they are put on the market. The FDA holds cosmetic firms responsible for confirming the safety of their products and ingredients prior to marketing. Products that have not been tested must carry the label, “Warning — The safety of this product has not been determined.”

    So, we see that the testing of the chemicals and the reaction they have on humans (except for color additives) is not what the FDA does but leaves it to the cosmetic companies. Long term effects may not be known for decades according to this statement.

    I think God inspired Mr. Armstrong to ban cosmetics for health reasons as well as and more importantly spiritual reasons and this site verifies that mankind in general does not really care as long no one drops dead immediately from using a product that the FDA really has no authority over as far as testing how safe it really is.

    I guess I am in the minority, but that is the way I see it.

    Have a great Sabbath.

  14. Howdy, again, Mr. Wheatley. Thanks, again, for writing, and I will be brief in my response, as I do not want this post to turn into a platform for preaching about cosmetics, organic food, etc., when it is simply meant for kind words about someone who has died.

    Yes, you did exactly validate what I said, which was, “it [the website] actually does not warn that makeup causes cancer.” Nothing on the website, nor in the specific parts you quote, “warn(s) that makeup causes cancer”–not a single comment. Your second quote simply validates the comment further, as it, too, contains no warning that makeup causes cancer.

    You, of course, are certainly entitled to your opinions. Though I think this particular conversation is at an end, if you’d like to write further on the topic feel free to write me directly and not here on this blog post, as, again, I’d rather the thread not be hijacked (either purposefully or accidentally) for purposes other than that for which it was intended.

    Thanks for the warm wishes, and I hope you do, as well!

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