Back from LCG Council of Elders Meeting

Council of Elders… in Session!

My wife and I made it back from the Council of Elders meetings last night, and it is good to be home! I’ll save most of my comments for tomorrow, but let me just say here that it was a fantastic session. The comments I made last time certainly apply this time, as well, so I won’t bother to repeat them beyond saying that it really is a blessing to pray about God’s Church and its leadership and governance and then to see those prayers answered firsthand.

I sat between Mr. Bruce Tyler and Dr. Douglas Winnail for each meeting, which–I freely admit, previously posted sentiments notwithstanding–increased my interest in having a tablet computer. Mr. Tyler’s iPad was well used, I thought, during the meeting, and my laptop was a bit of a space hogger. (Mr. Gerald Weston also had a laptop at the table, though, so I felt I was in good company!) However–though I had not planned on talking about this topic–I have to say that if I were to get a tablet computer, I am leaning toward the new Microsoft Surface. I feel that it would suit my needs better, works more like what I want in an actual “computer”, and represents an example of what I really did hope the iPad represented: the potential for someone to figure out the best use of tablet devices. Mr. Josh Penman’s brief demonstration of his new Surface tablet while I was in his office only made me lean more heavily that way.

Personal device-coveting aside, the three-day meeting was wonderfully positive and uplifting. It is exciting to see God blessing the work with increase and continuing to empower it in the manner He has! It all brings to mind the line in the Song of Deborah, which I referenced recently at a Spokesman Club meeting:

“When leaders lead in Israel,
When the people willingly offer themselves,
Bless the LORD!”
— Judges 5:2

It is such a humbling blessing to be a part of God’s Church where He is so obviously doing His Work and teaching His Truth through His Government. We’re all here by invitation, and I hope I never take that for granted. None of us should.

Have a wonderful Sabbath!

10 thoughts on “Back from LCG Council of Elders Meeting

  1. Not to nerd out, but I’ve also been interested in getting one of the Surface tablets, but haven’t A) gotten my hands on one yet and B) don’t know how kludgey this version of Windows is going to feel. Naturally, I’ll wait for the full version before I get one as opposed to the RT version out now. That and you can’t not buy something that’s endorsed at the old Ambassador College Campus.

    So, do tell me more about it’s awesomeness, because I’d like to be sold on this one…

  2. Actually, Mike, I’m mostly going on the hype at this point. 🙂 Well, not exactly the hype–I’ve read lots of reviews, and I really like what I’ve read so far. What I liked of Josh’s is that he pulled up MS Word and it was as if interacting with it on a “regular” computer: simply selected a printer he needed, tapped “Print”, and on the document went. No special app, etc. As for RT vs. Win8, I’m not entirely sure which I’d want over the other, as keeping the details of the OS differences straight has been hard for me. Plus, I can’t afford such a thing, anyway, so my motivation for research is a little dampened by reality! We have a Microsoft store opening at one of our local malls (interestingly, next to where the Apple store was before it moved), and I plan on checking them out there in person.

  3. John Wheeler (Johanan Rakkav)

    Well, if what Mike says is true, then I should be buying Jack in the Box Bacon Breakfast Sandwich, or whatever it is called precisely, as well. 😛

    I did see the Microsoft Surface ad – what I really want is a Jarvis (a mirror of Iron Man’s computer system). That said, I’ve just bought an iPhone 5, the newest edition, online, and am waiting for its arrival. Say what you will in comparison to other smart phones, I’m used to dealing with an iPod Touch and the iPhone will sync with my iTunes and plug into my iHome clocks.

  4. I know, Mr. Wheeler, and I have an iPhone myself (iPhone 4), though I am thinking of ditching it next February for a Samsung Galaxy S III. And will your iPhone 5 work in your iHome clocks, etc., since the jack has changed to the new “Lightning Connector”? Are you going to use an adapter?

    I was on the verge of buying into the whole iEverything Ecosystem thinking, but reading around has gotten me thinking differently.

  5. John Wheeler (Johanan Rakkav)

    Mr. Smith: Nice references there. 😉 Yes, I bought the necessary adapters (it’s a good thing I spotted them) and those have all arrived. It’s the phone that won’t get here before I return from a trip (I hope).

    Here I think I exercise what Carl Jung would call “Thinking in the service of Feeling”. I like Apple. I pick and choose my logical and other reasons in support of that liking. I know I’m biased and and I don’t care. 😀

    What I would really prefer (aside from Jarvis) is an end to endless duplication of resources – why not have One Phone For One World? Yes, I know what man would do with that given his current and increasing apostasia (yes, meaning rebellion against God with or without full “saving knowledge” in this age), but really… why should all those phones, tablets, etc. be out there?

    (written from my Sony VAIO Windows XP laptop 😀 )

  6. Texasborn

    I saw a cartoon quite awhile back with four panels, relative to buying the newest Mac device as soon as each comes on the market. 1st panel: iPod! 2nd panel: iPad! 3rd panel: iPhone! 4th panel: iBroke!! (I feel sorry for those people who could not wait for the price to come down dramatically within six months! One device–the iPhone [version one?]–cost over $500 originally, then came down to what–$200, $300? Clue me in, folks, because I don’t have any Mac products and I don’t read the Mac ads.)

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