The Feast of Tabernacles begins Sunday Night!

Just a quick, celebratory note to say that the Feast of Tabernacles begins Sunday night in less than 24 hours! What a pleasure to be keeping it here with the men and women of the Living Church of God at the time God commands and in one of the locations where He has placed His name, the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks area!

Sabbath services today were wonderful. It was a bit of a logistics challenge, with many more than the number registered, but nothing that couldn’t be solved by more chairs and patience–that precious fruit of God’s spirit! The messages were both very helpful (my thanks to Mr. Brown and Mr. Friz) and the various volunteers who served in various capacities were very much appreciated. I joked during announcements that this was the inaugural service of the Sardine Church of God. 🙂 What a joy to work with God’s people, where hardship is met with laughs and good nature rather than complaints and anger–truly, what a privilege.

Wherever you are keeping God’s Festival, I pray that it is powerfully profitable and deeply meaningful for you. I know that here at the Lake of the Ozarks, things look wonderfully promising already!

One thought on “The Feast of Tabernacles begins Sunday Night!

  1. John Wheeler (Johanan Rakkav)

    Now if you’d made it the Anchovy Pizza Church of God, I’d have been there with wings on. 😉 Have a wonderful Feast!

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