Egyptians looking for “superman” president

Standard of the President of Egypt
Standard of the President of Egypt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thought the AP article distributed by Yahoo! News on the current Egyptian elections was interesting: “Picking new leader, Egyptians search for superman” (by Sarah El Deeb, 5/24/2012).

Never really having had the chance to participate in the selection of their nation’s head of state (I hear the pharaohs didn’t really give the people much choice either), Egyptians are apparently very excited about the possibilities and about participating in the process. One has to wonder, though, how some will feel when if man elected does not live up to what are apparently some terribly high expectations. As the AP article summarizes the sentiment (backed up by quotes later in the article), to satisfy everyone the new Egyptian president will need to be be “honorable, smart, a knight, a man with a heart, a military man, a religious man, one who goes down and meets with the people. What they are really looking for is a superman” — all while “facing an incredibly tall order of problems, from a tumbling economy and a beat-up security force to decrepit schools and hospitals that can’t even provide enough incubators for premature babies.”

Do read the article if you are interested. The comments from voters about their hopes and expectations were interesting. Here’s one from Heba el-Sayed, a 42-year-old teacher:

“We want a flawless president. We want him strong, just, respectable, clean, someone who feels for the poor. We basically want a superman.”

So many in the world are crying out for righteous government after years, even generations, of rule by those whose reigns have provided anything but. Such sentiment will likely play a role in the rise of a future King of the North and King of the South in the years ahead as discussed by the prophet Daniel — developments in which Egypt can be expected to have a role (cf. Dan. 11:42-43).

And while these leaders will not ultimately be the fulfillment of the deepest desires of humanity, there is One coming who will be flawless, strong, just, respectable, and clean, and who feels for the poor. And beyond comic book caricatures, he truly will be a super Man. May that day come quickly — not only for those in Egypt, but for all of us.

“For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; and the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

Isaiah 9:6

2 thoughts on “Egyptians looking for “superman” president

  1. Zono Riggs

    When one looks at the problems of the world today it is overwhelming. There is only one solution.
    Come, Lord Jesus, Come.

  2. chris sookdeo

    Reading through the article it hit me to see that they are looking for a military skilled president. it all adds up when you look at prophecy and learn about the king of the south. it’s understandable to see that this world is tired of failing ruler ship that they desperately want change, but the change that they want is not the change that God desires for them.

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