Roderick Meredith’s commentary on homosexual “marriage”

Portal of the Church of Pilgrims, in Washingto...
Portal of the Church of Pilgrims, in Washington, DC, with a LGBT banner. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I saw in my Inbox this morning that there was a commentary by Mr. Meredith concerning homosexual “marriage” and the President’s recent “coming out” on the issue. (You know you can subscribe to Tomorrow’s World commentaries and get them in your e-mail, don’t you?) Very strong and very straightforward. Here’s the first paragraph of the commentary:

My friends, America is increasingly acting as if there is no real God. Millions of young couples are simply “living together”—without benefit of marriage. Other millions are slowly going over to the dark side of human nature and getting into homosexuality—even “men marrying men”!

You can read the rest here: “What Is God Thinking?”

I’ve read that some homosexual “Christian” ministers are tired of talking about the same verses in the Bible over and over, and these verses are among those Mr. Meredith cites in the commentary. I can understand why they’d be tired of talking about those verses, since those verses clearly demonstrate the stand Christ and His Church should take on the matter. If I were them, I would get tired of talking about the same verses over and over, too, given their clarity on that sin.

Thanks, Mr. Meredith, for the commentary!

10 thoughts on “Roderick Meredith’s commentary on homosexual “marriage”

  1. John Wheeler (Johanan Rakkav)

    Hi Mr. Smith! About those “ministers”: Yeah, it can get wearying, can’t it, staring into the sunlight and thinking the sun’s gonna blink first.

    Meanwhile, have you been following Funky Winkerbean lately?

  2. scrappydoo2k2

    I’m overwhelmed with sadness when I read of the bold persistence of wickedness not only in the face of God, but even in the face of science. Doesn’t even nature itself teach us, by a casual observance of the anatomy, what is proper and improper?

  3. Mr. Wheeler: I don’t keep up with the (no longer funny) funnies as much, but I did see the strip when Batuik began the current storyline. Garbage, as usual, and part of the strategy that fits in well with the book After the Ball that Dr. Winnail talked about at the recent conference.

    ScrappyDoo2K2: I agree. The fear of God is no longer a factor in any decision, apparently.

  4. John Wheeler (Johanan Rakkav)

    Mr. Smith: Well, I hope you thought my joke at least worth an ironic chuckle. 😛

    Be glad you haven’t seen the current strip, then; Mr. Batuik has just pitched his screwball. I’m actually thinking of writing him a letter, not that it will do him the slightest bit of good, but just to get my mind unburdened.

  5. John from Australia

    I followed your link to RCM’s commentary and then to “The Plain Truth about Homosexuality”.

    In that article it has this comment:

    Columbia University Professor of Psychiatry Dr. Robert Spitzer, who was instrumental in removing homosexuality in 1973 from the American Psychiatric Association’s list of mental disorders, wrote a study published in the October 2003 Archives of Sexual Behavior. He contended that people can change their ‘sexual orientation’ from homosexual to heterosexual. Spitzer interviewed more than 200 people, most of whom claimed that through reparative therapy counseling, their desires for same-sex partners either diminished significantly or they changed over to heterosexual orientation.

    “Although still a proponent of homosexual activism, Spitzer has been attacked unmercifully by former admirers for this breach of the ideology that people are ‘born gay and can’t change.’ Immutability is a central tenet of demands for ‘gay rights’ and ‘gay marriage.’ Because no single study can be regarded as definitive, more research on people who have overcome homosexuality needs to be done. But a considerable body of previous literature about change from homosexuality to heterosexuality has been compiled, and the sheer number of exceptions to the ‘born gay’ theory should be a warning to researchers and media to proceed with caution before declaring that science has ‘proved’ that homosexuality is genetic” (“Born or Bred?,” June 2000).

    Just been reading The Guardian and there was an article concerning Robert Spitzer:

    “Psychiatrist who championed ‘gay cure’ admits he was wrong

    “Dr Robert Spitzer apologises for ‘fatally flawed’ study, published in 2001, which claimed gay people could be ‘cured’ if properly motivated”

  6. Thanks for the link, John from Australia. Regrettably, the retraction by Dr. Spitzer carries earmarks of being inappropriately motivated and not entirely scientific. And the Guardian’s choice of “admits” instead of “claims” in the title is terribly telling, as well (e.g., advocacy journalism). On the other hand — thankfully, Dr. Spitzer’s voice is not the only one of the matter, nor does the truth of the matter hinge on such studies.

    Thanks, again. I’ll forward the article to our editorial department so that they can consider it when crafting future pieces on the subject.

  7. Steven

    Quite simply put, this is what happens when Christians are not in a position of power politically. I am sure Mr. Smith and the Living Church of God do not want to get involved in politics because “this world’s system” is not the system God has planned for us nor agrees with. That is 100% correct, however, the reality is, we must accept that we live in this “system” and “it is what it is”. We cannot change the democratic system in the United States, but we can (as Christians) positively influence that system.

    The key is simply for more Christian people to get involved in politics and get elected so that a vast number of Godly changes can be made. For example, if I were the President (and had the power and support of a TRULY “Christian” Senate and Congress I would immediately do the following:

    1) Ban gay marriage;

    2) Reinstate the 10 Commandments in ALL public schools;

    3) Ban the teaching of evolution in public schools (or at the very least allow for Creationism to be properly taught);

    4) Make abortion illegal.

    These would just be the tip of the iceberg. There are many more things that need to change in order to get “back to the Bible” and have things the way the founding fathers intended. Since my time is limited, I will leave it at that, but when Christians “stick their head in the sand” and do not “do something about it”, this is what you get in return. The choice is yours America.

  8. Thanks for your opinion, Steven. You are correct that I don’t agree with the idea of using Satan’s tools to attempt to accomplish God’s work before God’s time and without God’s permission. I appreciate your zeal; however, we’ll continue to conscientiously follow what we see in the pattern and example of Abraham and of Christ, himself, as I’m sure you similarly strive to follow your conscience, as well.

    Thanks, again.

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