Howdy, all! My apologies to those of you who have visited here numerous times expecting to see something and seeing… well… nothing. 🙂

The lead up to the Spring Holy Days has been crazy with work and other necessities, and consequently blogging has taken a back seat, as has a number of other activities. I hope to pick up writing again as soon as the Passover/Unleavened Bread dust settles.

Speaking of which, many of you reading this will be keeping the Passover memorial of Christ’s sacrifice tonight and will begin the Days of Unleavened Bread tomorrow night. Let me just say that I hope these days are meaningful for all of us and that we truly learn all God would teach us this season. As is often the case, what we get out of things is closely related to what we put into them. These days are such an opportunity to grow in our relationship with God and with each other — even with ourselves, in terms of getting to know ourselves more thoroughly and seeing ourselves as God sees us through the self-examination encouraged this season.

So, again, my apologies for being AWOL, and I hope everyone has a profitably memorable and profoundly meaningful Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread.

6 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. John Wheeler (Johanan Rakkav)

    Not to worry. Those who likewise observe this season know what the problem is, and those who don’t, can only benefit from asking. 😀 May the Passover/UB season be meaningful and profound for you and yours.

  2. John Wheeler (Johanan Rakkav)

    Question I’d like to see answered from your POV in the light of your Commentary on Easter: Doesn’t it seem paradoxical to you that because He is risen, we don’t celebrate (or so it is alleged) a memorial of His resurrection? Why a memorial of His death, if indeed we are justified by His death, but saved by His life?

    I’m going to cheat a bit and give you my thoughts this morning on that. Passover points to the Work of the *crucified* Christ. Unleavened Bread (as Mr. HWA pointed out somewhere at some time) points to the Work of the *risen* Christ. The paradox is that what symbolizes, specifically, the *resurrected* Christ (the Wave Sheaf Offering) didn’t occur on the same date year by year, even though Passover did. By this circumstance the core mystery of the Gospel was *hidden* until the right time for it to be revealed in 31 AD.

    Your turn. 😀

  3. No need to apologize, I’m sure everyone understands how busy a minister is ESPECIALLY during the Holy Days. Just looking forward to when you do have more time 🙂 even though there is never enough in this life time.

  4. Steven

    Instead of writing and posting a commentary about Easter or other pagan days, why not create a NEW DVD? The impact would be phenomenal! I don’t know what the hesitation is? It seems like other Church of God groups keep pounding away regarding at this (all important) topic (RIGHTFULLY SO), but not the LCOG. You USED to, but not so much anymore (specifically the VIDEO form of media). I don’t get it?

    For example, [EDIT: My apologies, but I don’t generally advertise other organizations on my blog. Suffice it to say that you mentioned here a program a group did on Easter. — WGS] Where was the Tomorrow’s World version of that topic? I used to look forward with great anticipation for these riveting programs so that I could also show them to my friends. Have you and Mr. Ames and Mr. Meredith just “swept this under the rug” (so to speak) regarding telecast presentations? They were so powerful, insightful and inspiring. Moreover, I have used them to open many eyes to what the Bible actually says. Even the late/great Mr. Ogwyn put together a brilliant presentation back in 2004/2005 (I believe) entitled “The Resurrection Was NOT on Easter!” It brought back great memories of him as well.

    Therefore, I again, am “laying down the gauntlet” (so to speak) to hopefully challenge you Mr. Smith to create one of those fantastic presentations for everyone to enjoy and learn from. To this date, you have yet to do even one! Is there some sort of new mandate regarding the Tomorrow’s World programs or DVD offers that we don’t know about? Something about not doing these topics anymore?

  5. Greetings, Steven.

    I’m glad that you’ve learned much from the program and that you continue to do so, and thanks, again, for the recommendation to consider doing a DVD about this topic.

    If you watch our program regularly, then you know we discuss Easter not infrequently. We even aired a telecast by Mr. Rod King recently that mentioned the bunnies and eggs of Easter and questioned the presence of such things in Christianity and challenged viewers about whether or not they are deceived, so it would be silly to think there was some sort of “ban” on such topics.

    And are you actually reading our material? We’ve “pounded away” recently at that very topic, and we’ve done so to great effect. For instance, I personally know of one case where our commentaries about Easter were effective to the point that after reading them recently, someone said they felt that they simply had to subscribe to our magazine and request the Holy Days booklet, which they did. So just because you aren’t seeing the amount of material you you believe there ought to be in the media format you believe is best, please don’t think our efforts aren’t being effective. The fruit God is providing thankfully says otherwise.

    We hear frequently from individuals (at least I do) that would like to see more telecasts or DVDs on their particular favorite subjects, and your request, here, is no exception. I am sympathetic! 🙂 There is no “hesitation”, as our strong material on the topic in other media demonstrates — there is, however, a vast amount of truth (cf. Acts 20:27) and not always the time we’d like to fit in the favorite topic of everyone. (Not to mention the challenges of arranging schedules, etc.)

    I will pass on the recommendation that we do another Easter-themed telecast or a new DVD to those who make such decisions, and I do think it is a good idea. I can’t speak for the other presenters (you’d have to ask them), but I plan my topics only two or three topics ahead as opposed to a whole year ahead, though planning for the whole year might be a great idea that we should consider. I will pass that on, as well.

    Again, I’m glad that you like the material, Steven, and thanks, again, for the suggestion. You would bolster the weight of your recommendation, though, if you explained not only how you have completely given up holidays of pagan origin, but also how you have fully embraced the Holy Days of God and are now observing them. Do you keep God’s Holy Days?

  6. [EDIT: I’m not posting Steven’s response, so my apologies if some of this doesn’t make sense — WGS]

    Steven, one of the implications in your response is offensive and uncalled for and I will not publish it. Concerning the rest:

    (1) I’ve read them, thanks. But more than read them, I hope you come to understand what Gal. 5:1 actually means (and it’s not the “freedom” God condemns in the book of Judges or Prov. 21:2).

    (2) Complaining that I am like a critical Pharisee is interesting, given the level of criticism and accusation in your response. So, have you read Matt. 7:3, or do you just recommend it to others?

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