British version of World War III

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I’ve barely a moment to type, but I thought this article was fascinating and thought some of you might appreciate it, as well: “The World War Three files” (that’s actually a short version of the Daily Mail’s unusually long title).

In the article, reporter Dominic Sandbrook spins a tale taken from the recently received document, prepared by the British Government in 1981, which recorded the details of an exercise imagining the UK and NATO being pushed into nuclear war with the USSR. It is remarkably realistic–at least it seems so from the details of the article–and brought back old sentiments I had felt back in the days when the Cold War seemed to have so much potential to turn into a nuclear nightmare.

The link above is to the “print this” version of the story, to help you avoid all of the inappropriate images & article links that seem to adorn every Mail Online news item (this way they should be at the bottom, after the article, instead of lining the side). There was another article published by the Daily Mail Online back in 2009 which covered the details of a similar exercise: “Countdown to World War III: Newly released files reveal how Britain would have faced Armageddon” (link is also to the “print this” version of the page). It is based on a similar exercise conducted earlier.

How thankful we should be that such things never took place. Yet they should remind us of how close the world can be taken to the brink of chaos and encourage us to “Watch” all the more (cf. Luke 21:36).

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