Comatose blog, workday guilt, & spider children

Spiderboy! Spiderboy! Does whatever a 10-year-old-being-belayed-by-a-kind-individual can...

Howdy! I have been AWOL from the blog this weekend and today for a variety of reasons and want to apologize to those whose comments have languished in my comment queue. My apologies! This weekend we had company (hope you got where you were going safely, G&DW!) and I had my biweekly Cincinnati-Akron-Pittsburgh-Cincinnati trip of awesomeness (it was great to see everyone!), plus we had a rock wall climbing outing today with Boys #1, #2, #3, and #4, which was a great deal of fun. (10-year-old Boy #3 is pictured there to the right, going all the way to the top!) My thanks to CR for asking us along on the wall climbing adventure–the boys had an absolutely fantastic time and seemed to appreciate getting gently pushed out of their comfort zones.

I used to feel bad about doing things like this on a weekday (that is, Monday through Friday), but my Beautiful Wife and others have helped me to get over that. She pointed out that in addition to speaking on the Sabbath, Sundays sometimes involve visits and activities and weeknights involve visits, as well, at times. Consequently, it really is OK for my Dilbert-programmed brain to do something with my family on a weekday when I would normally be working. (Thankfully, she’s patient!) Mr. Phil Sena’s always been a good example to me in this (don’t let it go to your head, Mr. Sena) in the way he organizes his week to ensure he spends time with his family. I’m not at his superstar level of organization, yet–we PC people are so free-wheeling and wacky, you know, not like all them “suit and tie” Apple types…

So, today was a “partially off” day in which we took a bit of a break. Only “partially” in that I still did some work (couldn’t help myself) and the kiddos did some schoolwork. But it was a good break.

And it’s been a break from the blog! 🙂 But with my weekend travel and our wonderful guests from Central America (that is, Kansas and Missouri!) as well as a Church get together Sunday, I couldn’t in good conscience spend time on the keyboard when there were real humans to talk to. (“Oh, we’re not real humans?” you say… Well, you know!)  And, I must admit that this week the blogging will be sparse, as well, as I need to get some things in order for the first few months in my area before January and I need to finish preparing my Bible study for the Kansas City weekend. Of course, I go several days without blogging here and there and it’s no big whoop (as my mother would say), but the interactive part of Internet has suffered, which some of you will have noticed. For instance, I have several comments out there sitting in the comment moderation queue (sorry!) and several e-mails in my inbox a-waitin’ to be addressed (sorry, too!). So think of this post as my reminder: I am alive and I will get to those comments and e-mails. Or, think of it as my way of getting my kid’s picture on the Internet so that I can brag: Look at how high he climbed! Clearly, he has an inspiring father. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Comatose blog, workday guilt, & spider children

  1. John Wheeler (Johanan Rakkav)

    That is absolutely scary. 😛 So is your meter and rhyme, in the photo’s caption, but we won’t talk about that… 😉

  2. We all appreciate the time that goes into working for our Creator and Father; we love to hear that you had some time with your family and we can spare you a few hours here and there, LOL. Remember that spending time with your family is not only an act of love but a learning experience for you and us because God reveals things through that time spent that you can then pass on to us.

  3. Leona D

    This makes me want to take off work and go hit the wall today. Be careful; it can get addictive! 😉 BTW, love the photo caption.

  4. Ha! Thanks for the observations. I’ll work on my meter, Mr. Wheeler. You’re definitely right about learning things, Mrs. Featherston. And I was thinking about you there, Leona — I figured a place like that would feel like home for you. 🙂

  5. John Wheeler (Johanan Rakkav)

    I remember the cartoon theme song which you, eh, adapted above. Do you remember the one that used to be on The Electric Company, in its Spider-Man skits?

    It would take too long to write out something really hilarious (at the time) which a fellow AC Pasadena student and I came up with, based on that other ditty. Maybe I should blog it and then let you know about it. 😉

  6. Steve

    Mr Smith, take a load off once in awhile. From what I’ve seen, being a minister is a tough job. Always on the go. If you wanted to take a break from the blog, and get some rest, I think your readers would stand up and applaud.

    The rock wall is a great exercise for kids, isn’t it? Just hope that they don’t talk Dad into it. It will only prove what they already know – that they’re more nimble than we are. 🙂

  7. Steven

    Mr. Smith,

    I just had to comment on this week’s Tomorrow’s World Program (The Fight over Hell). It was excellent! The fire, zeal and passion combined with that “wake your audience up/outside the box” approach was simply brilliant! Now THAT’s what I am talking about when it comes to maximizing the effect of a presentation. Well done! You have successfully executed what I call the “Roderick C. Meredith” approach when presenting a topic, which leads me to a question for you.

    Your “2012” (extended presentation) was oustanding, and as such, I would like to know if you will be doing any more “Extended Presentations?” If you can continue to deliver programs like you did like this one as well as what you achieved with this week’s broadcast, then you will be right up there with Mr. Meredith re: Legendary Status. My friends and I came to the conclusion that we would like to see you do “Extended Presentations” on the following suggested topics:

    1) Christmas; 2) Easter; 3) God’s Holy Days; 4) What Happens When You Die?; 5) The Bible – Why It Is Fact not Fiction; 6) Proving God Exists; 7) Evolution; and 8) Dangers of the Occult/Exposing Occult mainstream ideas like Yoga, Harry Potter etc..

    These are just some ideas, but if you were able to make these types of programs, it would be amazing! Keep up the great work and we would all love to see you make this happen. God bless!

    P.s. As for the $10,000 challenge you made during the broadcast, I unfortunately, can not take you up on that. As you rightly mentioned, the Bible clearly does NOT mention that we have an immortal soul at all. Rather, it states that eternal life is a gift of God (at the resurrection).

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