Tis the season…for a national curse?

Toronto Eaton Centre at Christmas, with Swarov...
Wow -- when Christmas Trees attain hyperspace, we know we're in trouble... (Image via Wikipedia)

Every year around this time (rather unfaithfully, methinks), I try to explain why I don’t observe Christmas. Here’s a parade of past attempts:

(Warning: I didn’t actually check those links, so some of them might be “Here’s a link to a post I did a couple of years ago” posts.)

This year, though, I’ve decided to make my life easier and to take advantage of the great commentary we have on the Tomorrow’s World website at the moment: “This the season — customs with a curse” by Mr. Davy Crockett.

Here’s the tiny first paragraph:

Tis the season … a time for beautiful music, lovely pageantry, parties, fun and family time, the annual bedlam in shopping malls, specialty stores, discount houses and now the Internet. [Read more]

To read more, just click “Read more”! To not read more, then don’t click “Read more.” (It’s nice when things are straightforward, huh?)

5 thoughts on “Tis the season…for a national curse?

  1. John Wheeler (Johanan Rakkav)

    Wow — when Christmas Trees attain hyperspace, we know we’re in trouble… (Image via Wikipedia)

    Oh, I LOVE your sense of humor, Mr. Smith! 😀

    I found myself going off on another tangent from there but I will spare you (and everybody else). A very merry un-Christmas to you (to you)!… 😉 Oh, and you have a standing invitation to come down to our 2011 Chili Supper on the evening of the 24th, if by some miracle you can manage it… 🙂

  2. John Wheeler (Johanan Rakkav)

    From your Twitter: Someone once wrote me *furious* that, among other things, we didn’t teach that Kim Jong-il was the “little horn” of Dan. 7:8. Yup.

    ‘Tis the era to be crazy,
    Bobble-bobble lip and heresy.
    People’s thinking sure is hazy,
    There but for the grace of God go we.
    Don we now the world’s apparel,
    Pointy head, pointy head, hardened heart;
    Put ourselves in mortal peril,
    Better turn and make a brand new start!

    (thank you, thank you very much 😉 )

    (yeah, and you can print, delete or ignore this as you please… or even save it for your private amusement in your old age… 🙂 )

  3. Michael O'Byrne

    We shouldn’t wish our days away, but those days ahead of us, Deecember 25th and 31st – the pagan holidays – are days I would rather be taken out of our lives as they are so detestable. I have politely declined an invitation from my newly married nephew through his wife to attend dinner on the 25th and which my brother and his wife will be present. Having expected some of my family members to extend such an invitation I was prepared and told them I would be away during that time, but that I didn’t keep that day anyway. The Sabbath is the day prior to both days and I intended to travel to the Sabbath services on both and stay with one of the brethren that first night and for at least the following few days, hopefully staying for the next service on the 31st and returning home at the very earliest on the night of January 1st. When I told people I would be away one said, ” Going away FOR Xmas? ” and I replied, ” No – going away FROM Xmas. ” Being the only one in my immediate area to be keeping the Sabbath and not Xmas I suppose I am considered an oddity, the odd-one-out, a black sheep by family members – not an unusual situation in which to find myself as I was so considered in my previous life for my left wing politics which were at variance with my family’s conserative leanings and they probably have said, ” That’s Micheal [ the Gaelic/Irish spelling of Michael ] for you “. So I’m not in unfamiliar territory when I’m thought of in those terms. But there is the aspect of ” the [ spiritual ] lonliness of the long distance runner. ” However we know it is a race and the finishing tape is some ways off yet and that means we must stay on track and keep running. “

  4. Steve

    Mr Smith, I have to tell you this. One of my best friends is a retired professor of criminology. He said that Xmas is the single biggest day for murders (on average). It usually happens between 2PM and 6PM. The second biggest day for murder is New Year’s. And the crime rate for robberies and assault spike during this time of year.

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