Top Ten Reasons the 2012 Hype is Hype

If this guy could talk, I'm sure he would say, "Read this Top Ten List."

I noticed yesterday that my blog pops up rather high in a Google search on 2012! I don’t know if that should leave me excited or depressed. 🙂

So, I thought to myself, “Self, if folks are going to find their way here, they might as well find the truth once they arrive.” [My thanks to the late Mr. Galbreath, my high school history teacher, for that “Self…” thing. I miss you, Mr. Galbreath!]

While I recommend viewing other posts for details, perhaps this one post can give a nice summary (which I will simulblog on the “2012 Prophecy Blog”)…

Top Ten Reasons the 2012 Hype is… well… Hype

  1. 2012 is barely mentioned at all in Mayan inscriptions. (One mention on Tortuguero Monument 6—minus doomsday, mind you—and one disputed possible mention on the backside of one tile… two out of about 15,000 artifacts.)
  2. 2012 is not clearly mentioned in the Chilam Balam. (Note: the “law of the katun” is not a reference to 2012, nor to the Long Count Calendar, nor is it a “doomsday” reference.)
  3. The “water scene” in the Dresden Codex is not definitively a flood (let alone a global flood), nor is it tied in any way at all—whatever it represents—to 2012 or to the Mayan Long Count Calendar.
  4. Actual scientists who have made the Mayan culture part of their life’s work have tried again and again to explain that the Maya did not predict the end of the world in 2012. (E.g., Dr. David Stuart, Dr. Stephen Houston, Dr. Anne Pyburn, Dr. Mark van Stone, Dr. John Hoopes, Dr. Susan Milbrath, Dr. Robert Sitler, Dr. Sandra Noble, Dr. Susan Gilespie, Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History, et al.)
  5. 2012-hysteria is chiefly the creation of modern New Agers and professional stoners (that is, enthusiasts of hallucinogenic drugs).
  6. Predictions of a mysterious Planet X or Nibiru being on a collision course for Earth in 2012 have no basis in astronomical fact.
  7. Comments that aliens—Zeta Reticulans, what have you—have communicated to us the significance of 2012 are based on communications from “aliens.” (‘Nuff said, I hope.)
  8. The supposed “Galactic Alignment” of December 2012 is false. We’ve been in such a supposed “alignment” for many years, with many years yet to go and with nothing special about 2012 in any way.
  9. The I Ching does not give us 2012 as an end of the world or “year of transformation” in any way at all and the “novelty theory” method used to say it does by Terrence McKenna is as close to “science” as astrology is (and was obtained by McKenna, by his own admission, through the use of hallucinogenic drugs).
  10. Virtually every means by which an “end of the world” prediction has been squeezed out of the year 2012—astrology, use of hallucinogenics, “spirit guides” and channeling, worship of ancient cultures, etc.—is soundly condemned by God’s Word.

The facts aren’t in dispute: All available evidence points to the conclusion that the Maya never said anything about the world ending on 2012. As Dr. David Stuart has said on his own website, speaking of Tortuguero Monument 6, “It has nothing to do with prophecy or the supposed, dread events that await us in AD 2012. About that the Maya are notably silent…or, truth be told, a bit boring.”

The Bible—the only credible source of knowledge about the future!—makes it clear that the “end of the world” cannot happen for—at the very least—the next 3½ years (actually more), given that the Great Tribulation (followed by the Day of the Lord) has not yet begun.

This is not to say that amazing things will not happen between now and then. In a world in which the greatest national powers in existence are teetering on the abyss of instability and conditions continue to ripen for the fulfillment of countless biblical prophecies, I would expect amazing things to happen!

But that only increases the irritation caused by 2012 nonsense. When it passes without fulfilling the expectations of its adherents or matching the proclamations of its promoters, it will be one more reason the populace provides for ignoring prophecy in general. And what a shame, when so much real prophetic fulfillment is afoot.

If you would like to know the real truth about 2012, please feel free to request your own copy of our free hour-long DVD, “2012: Mystery and Truth” (listed toward the bottom in “Media”). It really is free, with no strings attached. It’s just a little something we do. (Actually, something we have to do: Matthew 10:8.) There are a number of other free materials we have related to 2012, as well, including a stream of our half-hour television program that discussed the matter (“2012, Bible Prophecy and You!”), and some commentaries and articles you can find by searching “2012” on our website. Better yet—peruse the website and read some of our materials on biblical prophecy. What the Bible has to say about the years just ahead put the 2012 hoopla to shame. Consider starting here: “Fourteen Signs Announcing Christ’s Return”

(By the way—this is my personal blog, and though I am a presenter on the Tomorrow’s World telecast this is not an official Tomorrow’s World website. However, if I can do anything to get you to go there instead of hanging out here, I am happy to do it! The Tomorrow’s World website contains enough revelatory discussion of Bible prophecy to satisfy the sweetest of prophetic sweet tooths, all of it grounded in solid biblical understanding. Concerning the Tomorrow’s World website, I am happy to say in the spirit of the (political) season, “I’m Wallace Smith, and I approve that message.” 🙂 So, check it out!)

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons the 2012 Hype is Hype

  1. John Wheeler (Johanan Rakkav)

    I had a teacher or two that liked to use the same sort of “myself….Self” meme many moons ago, but in the end I believe everyone borrowed it from here:

    (Luke 12:19 KJV) And I will say to my soul, Soul, thou hast much goods laid up for many years; take thine ease, eat, drink, and be merry.

    Just another interesting little revelation from God’s Word. 🙂

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