And Roderick C. Meredith is still doing exactly that

Roderick C Meredith on the "Tomorrow's World" set

We had a wonderful weekend this Sabbath and today. Services in Cincinnati and Columbus were fantastic, and we enjoyed getting to touch bases again with everyone and talk about Feast experiences. Then a hot dog roast Saturday night, followed by a stay with the Monsons made for a wonderful time. And today both types of Smith chromosome sets were satisfied, with a baby shower that my wife attended and bit of rifle shooting for me and the boys. Thanks to all who planned various parts of a weekend we thoroughly enjoyed!

I was moved to post this before I go to bed. I came across a comment in one of Mr. Herbert W Armstrong’s old letters from 1960 that I thought was neat upon reflection, reminding me of the “Behind the Work” film we saw this Feast. Mr. Armstrong wrote:

During this summer our evangelistic team headed by Roderick C. Meredith has held three dynamic campaigns in England–in Bristol, in Birmingham, and in Manchester–with from 40 to 65 added for God’s Kingdom in each campaign. And let me add that this does not mean a mere “accepting Christ,” or “professing Christ,” or “decision for Christ.” It means full REPENTANCE of sin, and full FAITH in Christ as Saviour not only from past sins, but from any continuance in sin! It means a completely CHANGED LIFE! It means complete CONVERSION, a change from the carnal to a spiritual MIND–from a worldly to a Spirit-filled and Spirit-led LIFE. It means being BEGOTTEN by God’s Holy Spirit as a child of God.

I read that and I thought, “And 51 years later, Roderick C. Meredith is still doing exactly that.”

May all of God’s people be so steadfast.

6 thoughts on “And Roderick C. Meredith is still doing exactly that

  1. John Wheeler (Johanan Rakkav)

    A few years ago (I’m forgetting just when – I’d have to look up my photographic records for the year), I visited Charlotte and Mr. Meredith gave me a little tour of his office. At the time he said that some in the ministry had been urging him to put down some of his experiences of the Work’s past from the perspecrtive only he could give of them. I was delightedly surprised to learn of how this year’s “Behind the Work” film aimed to do just that and at least as much to see how well done the film was. It is both touching and invaluable.

  2. Michael O'Byrne

    Yes – what a powerful witness Dr. Meredith gave concerning the Great Commission in the video presentation “Behind the Work”. Since he had his stroke I’ve remarked many times to the brethren that he’s preaching sermons and presenting the Tomorrow’s World programmes more powerfully than ever before and I’ve made the observation that he reminds me of Mr. Armstrong. I never saw or heard Mr. Armstrong live, but I have watched a few of the World Tomorrow programmes and listened to some of his sermons on the Herbert W. Armstrong Searchable Library website. The passion and the zeal of Dr. Meredith is so similar to that of Mr. Armstrong it cannot but impress and strike a chord deep within us. God certainlu empowered both men to rise to such great heights in preaching the truth. DEspite his stroke and probably because of it Dr. Meredith is doing the work with ” all his might ” and even more than that. This is also displayed in his writing through his articles in the Living Church News and the Tomorrow’s World magazines. May God continue to sustain and inspire him in His service.

  3. Good Morning Mr. Smith!

    Thanks for posting this blog. Too often we see people putting Dr. Meredith down. It’s nice to some truthful things being said about him everyone once in a while, online. Indeed! May we all be so steadfast!

    Warm Regards,

  4. Thanks for writing, Mr. Lulkoski, though your words are so far off the mark that they shame you. For instance, if you think Mr. Meredith “ignores all scripture about Grace, Justification, and Sanctification” then you clearly haven’t been reading what he’s written in the last — oh, I don’t know — decade or two. And as for believing that Christ’s return was nearer than it was at the time, if it can be forgiven the Apostle Paul, I would think it could be forgiven a few others — all the more, given how you have so grossly mischaracterized Mr. Meredith.

    So, yes, you bet I support him! And happily so. You, on the other hand, have a few things to learn and, apparently, pray about. If the archangel Michael would not bring a railing accusation against one such as the devil himself (Jude 9), yet you can speak so bitterly and derisively about such a good and decent man, methinks think your character is showing a bit.

    I’ve allowed your rant to appear once in order to make my own point. Do not think that if you choose to write again in such a nasty spirit that it will be allowed here. Such an ugly mindsets belongs elsewhere.

  5. Sorry, Mr. Lulkoski, but your comments (which I will not publish, as mentioned above) are not only ill-informed and biased, but also disconcertingly bitter. You don’t seem to know nearly as much as you think you do about the individuals you mention, both biblical and otherwise. I hope you learn the truth about law and grace one day, including what we teach about both.

  6. [Mr. Matthews: Forgive me, but your comment submitted to this post comes across as a tongue-in-cheek comment meant to mock while seeming otherwise, and it includes a number of misunderstandings at that. I will respond as if it is sincere, however, but I won’t post it as my sniffer detects some funny business. I don’t mind disagreement, but I prefer it upfront and blatant. If my sniffer is off, feel free and let me know…]

    Thanks, Mr. Matthews, but my employment doesn’t play into things at all. I’m here because I believe in what God is doing with His Church. I don’t preach what I preach or support what I support because of my family and income. If income was the goal, staying an actuary (a wonderful career, by the way, you math-minded kids out there!) or returning to it would be the prudent thing to do. Rather, I preach what I preach because I believe it to be the truth, and I support what I support because I love it and want to do so with all my heart. And that’s true of many of the ministers I know personally, who left their previous association without promise of retirement or future employment, but knowing in their hearts that (1) they could not support something that wasn’t true, and (2) they wanted to find where God was truly working, regardless of whether or not they would be hired to serve there, as well. Their courage dwarfs mine, to be sure, but I pray that I would be able to act in exactly the same

    Concerning Mr. Lulkoski, actually, thanks for commenting about his comment! I mentioned to him that I would not post his nasty-spirited comment and then I still accidentally posted it. His thoughts actually could have been posted if they had been provided respectfully (or at least with a wisp of civility) instead of in the manner of an âne de Jacques. The comments buried in his garbage were potentially decent comments worth addressing, but why reward such behavior? I’ve allowed plenty of questions and disagreements on this blog — in fact, some of them fairly bitter in their disagreement — but I feel no obligation to allow someone to be a jerk or to spew hatred. There are other places for those who feel so compelled.

    Thanks again for your comment, and I hope you did not sprain your tongue while planting it in your cheek!

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