Funny video explaining the European bailout

Too funny not to share. Europe has reached a “solution” concerning its (current) finance crisis, and the UK’s Guardian uses two animated office workers to explain it to us in simple terms. Check it out — and feel free to notice the parallels to America’s own “magical” economic solutions, as well. (Word of warning: Some “common” language is used on one occasion, so caveat navita stans.)  I tweeted about this earlier, but thought it was funny enough I’d post it here, too.

Click the screen grab below to go to the article and video.

[Click to go to the Guardian's video]

5 thoughts on “Funny video explaining the European bailout

  1. Michael O'Byrne

    Tried to watch it, but it kept stopping and starting frequently so I have up. I’m sure it is funny and I’m pleased you enjoyed it. So with that let me say I hope you, yours and all with whom you assemble will have a wonderful Sabbath.

  2. John Wheeler (Johanan Rakkav)

    I did watch it and the author of that video is getting pretty well-known for his sardonic views of politics and economics. The old Chinese curse has it right: we are living in interesting times.

  3. Zono Riggs

    It sounds very familiar to the kind of double talk we hear from our political princes who want the masses to believe
    they have all the answers. Just spend, spend, spend. The alien’s (Jesus and the saints) will have the solution. They just won’t like it. BTW your commentary on the Catholic church’s announcement about the economy is right on.

  4. texasborn

    Wasn’t it either Ben Bernanke or Joe Biden who said that the USA needs to spend itself out of bankruptcy? Hmm; sounds like a familiar financial solution! (“Solve the problem by instituting the problem.”)

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