Warming up to the Kindle Fire

I hope everyone reading this who observed the Feast of Trumpets yesterday had a wonderful Holy Day! We certainly did, and getting to have Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ames here was wonderful. It was my first time hosting anyone visiting from HQ in my area and I am sure that I made many faux pas, but if so Mr. Ames and his wonderful wife were kind enough not to mention it. 🙂

Though filled with numerous thoughts this morning which would clog up against each other should I try to mention only one of them, I thought I would let this one slip through to the blog — nice, simple, and fluffy: I am warming up to the idea of getting a Kindle Fire for my family.

I ‘ve ranted about the iPad before (that would be here) and then followed up with additional thoughts and even a guest review (here, here, here, and here). And I don’t think my opinions have changed greatly since those posts. If anything, I see the Kindle Fire as representing a fulfillment of what I hoped the iPad truly represented: not the “best new thing” (I still think of it is a really big, less useful iPhone) but a catalyst that would motivate big players and better minds to finally discover what “tablet computing” can and should be. The iPad ain’t it, methinks. But that doesn’t mean that something else wouldn’t be or that the iPad couldn’t eventually become that. And given what I’m seeing — including, importantly, the $199 price point — I think the Kindle Fire has a great shot at finding the balance that the iPad and others seem to be missing.

(At the very least, it has dulled the temptation I have had for some time to buy a Nook Color and hack it to make a tablet computer my wife can use for some homeschooling on the road — something worth $200 to us, but not $500 and something that requires Flash.)

I still believe there is potential in the concept of tablet computing. I still don’t think the iPad is it. The Kindle Fire may not be it. But it looks closer to me. And if Apple’s pricey, giant iPhone is what has spurred the tech world’s exploration, it has my thanks.

2 thoughts on “Warming up to the Kindle Fire

  1. Lyndell

    The Kindle Fire looks like a formidable well done product. I think it’ll be successful, but competing more against the nook color than the iPad. It’s focused on reading and the size and feature set is right. The iPad is more generalized, but reading is my number use for the iPad, so price is a factor and why I bought used. Its size is great when the iPhone is just too small, but size is going to keep it off my packing list next flight. Seven inch iPad? No, iPhone is enough.

    Kindle Fire’s Flash support looks more like the SkyFire brower than native. Looks like Adobe has made major performance improvements in Flash 11. I just might permit Flash on my Mac again. I’d like to see a description of your ideal tablet. Just maybe…see “origins of Bean”.

  2. Birdmaru

    iPad is too heavy and pricey for me since I need some for reading only. Kindle Fire should be the best choice but it just only for US!! Boo

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