Beautiful footage of the Holy Land

With holy time approaching in a few hours, why not take a flight around the holy land?  My thanks to DC who sent me this link to a Vimeo preview of what looks as though it will be a gorgeous IMAX 3D movie about Jerusalem.  Would love to see the full production.

I’ve embedded it below, but to see it at its best: (1) Click the the white “HD” button at the bottom to ensure High-Def mode (or, if the letters “HD” are already blue, then leave it alone) and (2) click right next to that to make it Full Screen.

Oddly enough, remaining still and watching it with one eye closed paradoxically made it seem more 3D to me, perhaps because it triggered my brain’s appropriate compensation mechanisms.  (Personal, unproven theory there, well-supported by my imagination!)

One eye or both, just watch it. Can’t wait to see that place glorified as the headquarters of Christ’s Kingdom, but, oh, what it will go through first.

8 thoughts on “Beautiful footage of the Holy Land

  1. texasborn

    “How should we approach Jerusalem?” is the first sentence spoken in this visually stunning, beautiful masterpiece! Perhaps by flying on “eagle’s wings”? That was a nice play on words, Mr. Smith, in your opening sentence, as well, with the phrase at the bottom of WordPress’ email submissions (“Thanks for flying with WordPress!”). (I joined Vimeo a few moments ago.)

  2. TeapotTempest

    I recognized Masada right away along with the ramp the Roman engineers built to invade the fortress during the seige of 72-73 AD. We toured Masada about ten years ago.

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  4. WAAAAH! How can I be homesick for a place I only visited once (for about a month, ’tis true)?

    Standing on the crest of the road from Jerusalem to Bethlehem, one has the optical illusion that the hills to the east just keep on rolling forever. “A good land and a large” by the standards of the area, indeed, but that part of it lost much of its usefulness long ago. Only thousands of terraces on the hills, marked with the occasional ruin or olive tree, are in the area now and I doubt if grain is grown on them now as it was when the land was younger.

  5. Michael O'Byrne

    A short, but impressive journey via video. Not having a head for heights when the footage was looking down I could almost have a feeling of vertigo, but wonderful nevertheless. Thank you for posting it!

  6. Dear Mr Smith
    Thank you for sharing!!!!!!! It was a lovely look at a so troubled area. May Our LORD return soon to bring IT and US peace!!!!

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