Will the Arab Spring become the Christian Winter in Egypt?

Obama in Egypt, P060409PS-0223
Mubarak's departure has left a dangerous vacuum, and not all are benefiting from the new sense of "power to the people." (Image via Wikipedia)

Alarming article in the Wall Street Journal this weekend: “As Islamists Flex Muscle, Egypt’s Christians Despair” (behind a paywall, I’m afraid).  My wife highlighted it to me when she brought me the paper this morning, and I’m glad that she did.

The chief tale given in the piece is one of a Coptic Christian in Egypt, Ayman Anwar Mitri.  A little more than a month after the government of Egypt was brought down, an apartment he owned was torched.  When he showed up to investigate, he was grabbed by Islamists — radical Salafi militants — taken inside and beaten with the charred remains of the apartments furniture and then, after being sliced open at the arm and neck, he had one of his ears cut off. His report: “While they were beating me, they kept saying: ‘We won’t leave any Christians in this country.”  His attacker has apparently been identified by some as al-Hosseini Kamal, someone who had been imprisoned under Mubarak on “suspicion of terrorist activities” and released after the revolution, like many others.

However, the WSJ reports that in the days after the attack Salafi militants threatened that they would kill Mr. Mitri’s siblings and kidnap his children if he proceeded to press charges against the attackers.  He then apparently changed his initial testimony, saying that he did not know who attacked him, and he agreed to a “reconciliation ” process with his attackers as opposed to pressing charges.  As the news account reports, that “reconciliation” process was a joke.  The criminals were close to those in charge, the police were absolutely no help, and Mr. Mitri is left with no justice.

I don’t claim to know how the details of what is going on in the Arab world will play out.  We know the arc of prophecy: a “King of the South” will rise out of this, seen, perhaps, as the Mahdi expected by some, and there will be a resulting confederation of sorts that will work with the King of the North for a time, only before that relationship goes sour and the King of the North invades the South.  (Read the free Tomorrow’s World booklet about the Middle East in prophecy by Mr. Richard Ames for more.)  But the details are known only to God at this time.  However, for those who consider themselves to be Christians there in Egypt, living out those details is looking more and more like a life threatening situation.

3 thoughts on “Will the Arab Spring become the Christian Winter in Egypt?

  1. Could European Christian concern for their peers in the Middle East, including the Holy Land, be a major reason why the Beast and his False Prophet ally eventually move against the region?

  2. obeirne

    What’s going now on in the Middle-East may be a deadly, but mild foretaste of what is to come. When we see governments there attack their own people with such unrestrained barbarism we can only shudder when we think of what they will do to peoples they consider as enemies – Israel being a prime example. The West encourages and assists in the overthows these despotic governments in the expectation that whatever replaces them will emulate Western-style democracy and tolerance and that they will have a benign attitude toward Christians and those who profess Christianity as well as other religions. Of course this appears to be allowing naive hope to overshadow over bitter experience. There is unlikely to be the attitude Saladin, the great Muslim leader, had when his forces overthrew the Crusaders when he took over Jerusalem. Saladin did not follow the example of the un-Christian Crusaders when they took over Jerusalem when they slaughtered Jewish and Muslim men, women and children in their thousands. What Saladin commanded to be done was the opposite in that he spared the Jews and the Muslims and allowed then to continue to live, work and do business in that great city. But only God knows for certain what is going to happen, but we know from prophecy terrible events are gradually unfolding before our very eyes.

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