New 2012-specific blog

[Image of Maya mask]
Listen! He seems to be saying, "Please don't pin this 2012 junk on us. It really isn't our fault..."
I have finally begun posting semi-regularly (that is, I’ve made two whole posts within a week of each other!) on a separate blog I now have, the 2012 Prophecy Blog.

After talking with a few Internet-expert-type-humans, the suggestion was made that topic-specific websites of narrow focus might be very helpful in capturing the traffic of those searching for those particular topics.  And as those of you who read this blog with any sort of frequency at all know very well, this blog does not have a very narrow focus. 🙂

As 2012 comes closer and closer (certain false prophets who are about to be proven wrong in less than one week aside), interest is likely to grow and grow, and I’d like to see everyone on this entire planet who is interested in prophecy to find their way to our materials.  The Bible is the only true source of prophetic knowledge we have!  The times in which we are living have stirred many to seek out information about prophecy and the end times, yet 2012-inspired goofiness offers a false source of knowledge to many — and one that will prove ultimately disappointing as it, too, falls flat like so many baseless prophecies that have come before it.

Hopefully, by maintaining a presence out there specifically devoted to the topic of 2012 debunkery, I can help send some folks toward the Tomorrow’s World website, where the real truth about what’s to come — and what to do about it — can be found.

So, feel free to check it out and give me some feedback, which is always welcome!  The current post there is actually a “reprint” of one I did back in December 2009 explaining how the so-called “2012 prophecy” is not actually Mayan, at all, who did not prophesy the end of the world in 2012 in any way, shape, or form (hence I’ve named the post there simply “2012 is NOT a Mayan prophecy”).

One thought on “New 2012-specific blog

  1. To “MGT” (an abbreviation for the user name you gave me):

    Just wanted to let you know that I am not going to post your comment (the one that began with “Several prophecies are now fulfilled. The woman of Revelation 12 is now here…”). This is for a variety of reasons: (1) It twists the scriptures horribly, (2) it advertises a website full of false teaching, (3) it would feed your dangerous misconception that you are sent by God with a message, et al. If you aren’t sure about my Comment Policy, search this blog for it (it’s listed on the categories to the right).

    I recommend that you get some help. You aren’t the woman of Revelation 12 anymore than you are the woman of Revelation 17. If you aren’t sure why, consider studying our booklet at Tomorrow’s World where we use the Bible, itself, to interpret such symbols as opposed to private interpretation such as yours.

    Really, please don’t comment again with such stuff. Thanks.

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