Quote from our wedding invitation

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Well, we had a wonderful visit with Mr. and Mrs. Bill Oswald last evening and today.  Traveling through to visit family, they spent the night here and it was great spending time with them — what a remarkable couple!

As we chatted we began to look through some old pictures, and in digging I came across a picture album my wife had collected with some photos related to our wedding just under 19 years ago.  Being of (ahem) modest income at the time, we had made our own invitations and printed them at Kinkos.  On each one was the verbiage my Beautiful Wife-To-Be and I composed:

As time passes all of us meet many people and make many friends. If we are blessed, there appears one friendship that comes to mean something different… a person whose values, hopes, dreams, aspirations, character, and dedication to God not only match our own, but enhance our own in a beautiful and wondrous way.  It is then that we experience how love can move two people to forsake two lives apart for one life together.  Please share with us the beginning of our new life.

Finding that made me think that this blog might be a good opportunity to say for the record what a remarkable woman I have and how blessed I am that I married her before she got smart enough to know better. 🙂

Knowing folks like the Oswalds whose marriage has continued longer than my Beautiful Wife and I have been alive and is still going strong is encouraging to me, and I hope that we can be such an example to our children of how God’s approach to things really does work when we’ve reached the same point they have.

8 thoughts on “Quote from our wedding invitation

  1. Michael

    Although I am as yet unmarried at the age of 63 and going on 64 I take great delight in hearing stories like this. Your joint declaration as you married one another was certainly infused the with the love and faithful optimism only God could inspired. Although I am the only member of my family God has thus far called I can see His hand in the marriages of my brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces in that they are stable and loving and all the children are a joy to my bachelor heart. When my grand nephews and grand nieces come rushing into my home for sweets – candies to you Americans – with expectant smiles on their faces into my home for sweets – it makes my day. The ” as yet ” words at the beginning of my comment declare I am still hopeful of God sending into my life a helpmate. But for you and your beloved spouse I am so pleased.

  2. Linda Patterson

    The beauty of real love is something to behold. This is such a delight to read. At FOT’s I have witnessed your family. You and your wife are lovely as a couple and as parents you are so wonderful to watch.
    God’s plans always work out when His rules are followed, there is great joy.
    Thank you for posting this.

  3. Thanks for that bit of insight Mr. Smith … whatever you were lacking in ‘means’, you both apparently made up in wisdom.

    I especially like the lines: “If we are blessed, there appears one friendship that comes to mean something different” and “love can move two people to forsake two lives apart for one life together.”

  4. Steve

    A good woman is worth more than gold. Congratulations, Mr Smith. (And bless their forgiving hearts, they know that guys have a bad habit of grunting and dragging their knuckles sometimes).

  5. Truly the Oswald’s are a great couple! They amaze me at their talent on the dance floor.
    Glad you were able to have a visit with them.

  6. amanda

    Mr & Mrs Oswald are phenomenal people, sweet as apple pie (with the crusty topping), as are you and your Missus. I cannot imagine my life without my husband, nor do I want to ever have to. Two really are better than one, especially when time proves you’ve chosen the right one. Nineteen years, so beautiful! Congratulations!

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