What are some of YOUR Unleavened Bread lessons?

Breads and Bread rolls at a bakery
There sure are lots of varieties of bread! Hey, I bet theres a lesson there... (Image via Wikipedia)

The last few years, I’ve taken to publishing some of the lessons I learn while deleavening.  After all, the physical removal of leaven from our homes before the Days of Unleavened Bread (and the eating of unleavened bread during the Days) is intended to teach us spiritual lessons, after all, right?

I’ll include some links to previous posts I’ve made about those lessons, but this year I thought I would do something different.  I’d like to know what lessons YOU’VE learned during your deleavening this year!  After all, one of the best ways to learn is from OPE: Other People’s Experience!  Please take a few moments to write in the comments section below some of the spiritual lessons you learned while removing leaven from your dwelling places this year–or, if there is a good one from a previous year, feel free to list that one, too!  If you need something to get started, feel free to click on the links below for some of what I’ve written before.

Thanks, and I pray that all of you have a marvelous and truly meaningful Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread!

(Again, here’s some of mine, but I am looking forward to reading yours in the comments!)

(EDIT: My thanks to those of you who brought up Taco… er, I mean “Spock Hotel”! It pointed out that (1) I had left out the 2010 post (now added), and (2) I have good news concerning the “yeast” (torula yeast) in that Taco meat: it is not leavening! See the comments about that in that particular post for the lengthy discussion (the post actually includes the conclusion). Also, I rearranged the post listing below so that it is in chronological order. Thanks again for your comments, and keep them coming!)

24 thoughts on “What are some of YOUR Unleavened Bread lessons?

  1. BrianL

    Mine is from the past also, it seems that inevitably I get extremely busy. I had two years in a row that I got through less than half of the material and time. I determined that I had spent too much time spring cleaning (rather than merely de-leavening as we are instructed) with the little spare time I had left. I can see where the Pharisees and Saducess were able to get off track. Thankfully it has gone better this year.

  2. Sherri Wimberly

    When rolling out traditional flat bread and fighting with the elasticity of the dough to make it thin enough to be edible, it occurred to me that the stubbornness of sin in my own life is like that – God is the baker and He is rolling the stubborn elasticity of sin out of us – it takes a lot of muscle to roll out that bread and most of the day to make it…..God uses His spiritual rolling pin on us and our entire lives to cause us to become palatable in His sight.

  3. Linda Patterson

    Looking so hard for the box of baking flour, just to make sure it would be put out, looking right over it and when I did see it saw that it was all purpose no leavening. I laughed at myself, looking so hard at the persons who create aggravation in me and wanting to help them not to do what they do made me see that I can pray about it, but I can’t fix anything in them, I can only fix what is in me that I do or say by getting on my knees to my Father and then to stand back and let Him do the rest. He truly knows how.
    I can only be an example and pray for myself and others. God does do all the real work.

  4. Gwen

    Hi Mr. Smith,
    Someone the other day told me that the meat in the tacos from the same place you ate at while driving a couple years ago (stated in one of your lessons) actually has yeast in it. I checked tonight to verify and it does! I came across the words “Autolyzed Yeast Extract” and thought, oh, this person had it wrong because there is nothing wrong with that, but then 6 ingredients after that is the word “YEAST”! For years we have thought they were “safe”…I guess we will have to find an alternate. So, I guess my lesson is simple – when you think you have put all sin out and won’t make the same mistake again, sometimes even the year after, you will do the same sin again.
    I hope you have a great Passover and Unleavened Bread. PS – I guess you won’t have to learn how to eat those tacos driving anymore – that will be a time-saver 😉

    [My comment: Howdy, Gwen, and thanks! Someone else brought this up, too on a different post tonight. And I have good news! The “yeast” in those tacos’ meat is not leavening! I thought it was, too, when it was pointed out to me. However, after lengthy discussion on the post I made that year (the 2010 post now added to the list above, since I missed it during the original posting), someone pointed out that the yeast that is used is actually torula yeast which is an inactive flavoring and not a leavening agent at all. So, believe it or not, we really were safe all those years! Still, the lesson you mention is a good one! And I suppose, too, the lesson here could be that distinguishing between sin and “not sin” really does take careful discernment sometimes. 🙂 Thanks, again! — WGS]

  5. Here is something I spotted a few years ago and I constantly mull over it, but never more than at this time of year. It’s from the versions and commentaries on e-Sword.

    (1 Corinthians 5:8 KJV) Therefore let us keep the feast, not with old leaven, neither with the leaven of malice and wickedness; but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.


    Bengel observes: “Sincerity takes care not to admit evil with the good; truth, not to admit evil instead of good.”

    Many may find this more helpful than an analysis of the Greek wording itself. That would give the skeleton; this fleshes out the intent. (יוחנן רכב)

  6. Carrie Crowson

    Mine is also from the past. The first D.U.B. after baptism, in my first home, I was so proud of myself. I finished deleavening a week early. We went left town and spent the entire Days of Unleavened Bread away from home. We got back home 2 days later and, sitting right out in the open, on my Bar for the whole world to see was an entire loaf of bread! It goes to show that we usually have some huge sin as plain as day that we refuse see, and the better we think we are, the more sins we won’t see.

  7. Lisa Pape

    Waffle iron woes (AKA: toaster tribulation)…

    Every year as the primary kitchen user and thus deleavener of the galley area I am faced with the daunting task: delevination of the waffle iron. As much as I am pleased with the shiny results of my hard work in the rest of the kitchen I am saddened by my inadequacy in removing those last few crumbs imbedded deep into the crevices of the waffle iron (also a toaster issue). As much as I shake the appliance over the trash can and poke with a kitchen knife (please children do not attempt this at home and if you do please unplug your device!) I can’t seem to reach that last little crumb of deadly sin.

    I’m sure God did not intend for me to toss out my waffle iron every year? So what’s a honest Ohio housewife to do? I commiserate with Paul (Rom 7:24) on my wretched inadequacy. Even the sin I see I can’t reach on my own! Thankfully we have a merciful High Priest to help us with sin we can’t seem to shake. In reality we need Him for so much more than we realize! Happy deleavening all.

  8. It’s hard to bring this up and not seem like I’m rather leavened myself, but I was the one who pointed out the facts about torula yeast. 😀 On the other hand, I have to concede your point (made at the same time) that calcium chloride is used sometimes as a leavening agent, albeit a slow-working one.

    One of your congregants unsuccessfully tried to pass on the following to you on the blog and then by mail. With her permission I’m trying here.

    Mr. Smith,

    I tried to reply to your question, but it seems to have been lost in cyberspace.

    Yesterday when I was cleaning out my van, I thought it was looking pretty good and was glad to be finished. Then I realized it was getting dark so I turned on a light. I was amazed at all the crumbs that were right there in plain sight. It occurred to me that we are like that light to the world around us. How it must hurt their eyes sometimes. My pride and sin is like that, things looks pretty good until God’s Word shines on it. I am thankful for the light, that we are not blind. Praise God!


  9. Teresa

    I’ve never heard that we should be putting out items with calcium chloride. Is this something we should be looking for?

  10. Teresa

    http://www.clabbergirl.com/consumer/baking_fun/lesson_plans/chemical_101.php Here, this baking powder company lists the calcium carbonate as one of their inert ingredients rather than a leavening agent. But, in this person’s list of leavening agents, which includes more chemicals that I’m not familiar with, she includes Calcium carbonate. http://en.petitchef.com/recipes/what-are-leavening-agents-fid-730044
    I saw in Wickopedia that calcium carbonate can produce carbon dioxide gas under certain circumstances. My question is do we toss all vitamin bottles containing it, or just products where it’s obviously being used as a leavening agent? Wickipedia also said it’s in marble — some of my floors are marble……I do throw out my baking soda toothpaste just because it’s such and obvious reminder of leavening, but haven’t been concerned about the other ingredients until now — of which calcium carbonate may be one.
    I cook mostly “from scratch” and this year have been making my own baking powder to avoid the corn filling in commercial brands, so most of the chemicals above probably won’t be much of a problem. Sigh. Just when I thought the cleaning was going well.

  11. Teresa

    Sorry for all the posts about this. Here’s one more site though, http://scifun.chem.wisc.edu/chemweek/PDF/Sodium_Bicarbonate_&_Sodium_Carbonate.pdf
    It looks like CO2 is produced when limestone is heated. Then they go on to make calcium carbonate. Baking soda is Calcium Hydroxide Carbonate, again when heated it produces calcium carbonate. It seems like the calcium carbonate is a byproduct of the heating of other calcium formulations.
    I’ll go look at the box of cereal on the fridge — and then I’m going to sleep! Enough for one night.

  12. Cammy B

    While teaching our older girls about the meaning on leavened and unleavend bread, Caleb (1.5yrs) hopped down from his chair with his “sinful” bread and started toddling around. I quickly closed all the doors to the rooms I had deleavened. Then I realized a lesson and shared it with the girls. I told them that Caleb doesn’t understand, just like our neighbors. He’s a “good” boy that we love. Just like the people around us. I asked the girls if I should grab Caleb by the shoulders and shake him and yell at him about how “sinnful” his bread is. They laughed and said “no”. I explained that the people around us keep christmas, and don’t know the Sabbath. For a 20 month old and those not called, it won’t do any good to yell the truth into them. But we are to love our neighbors b/c, like our little guy, they will one day know, too. It’s just not in them to understand now.

  13. Teresa

    I’ve gone through the list posted above that I found last night and at least 6 of the chemical compounds don’t seem to be leavening agents. They may be acids that help the leavening process, but are not the agents themselves. I personally need to see real proof that calcium carbonate is a leavening agent before going on a rampage.

  14. Steve

    I like sourdough. Bread, biscuits, and pancakes. Making sourdough is easy – just mix flour and water together, and let it sit on the kitchen table. The natural yeast strains in the air will leaven the dough automatically.

    (According to rumor, sourdough was the most common leavened bread from biblical times to the Middle Ages. I don’t know if it’s true or not).

    Lessons? You can get leavened from the air around you. Your entertainment choices, the people you hang out with, culture and society in general. The adversary, the prince of the power of the air.

    Keep your guard up against outside influences, and be careful about letting something get to you.

  15. Zono Riggs

    As I struggled to accomplish my cleaning this year it was very apparent that I needed much more help. My knees and other joints complained about the extra time spent standing and squeezing and rubbing. My husband has had to do so much more in the house this year than ever before. When we are young we go through life as if we can do it all, and probably give ourselves the credit subconsciously. I was very aware that this year I cannot do it all by myself.
    When it comes to sin, I am very grateful for Christ’s help within me. When it comes to high cabinets and low ones I am very grateful my husband can still reach those places that I can’t anymore.

  16. Teresa

    It seemed like my lessons this year came at the end of our preparations. Last night I finished my portion of the deleavening process. As soon as I realized I was done, I felt such a weight lifted and thought that sin weighs us down in a similar manner.

  17. Lesson #1: Deleavening with kids is hard. Similar to the comment by Cammy above, bread crumbs stick to my kids like pollen sticks to a bee, which they unknowingly distribute throughout the house. Seeing as how I fed them that bread, one might say sin spreading around my own household is of my own doing since I am my children’s caretaker and example. I just have to be more careful with what I say and do around them.

    Lesson #2: Because of Lesson #1, we decided to do more spring cleaning this year to get at those hard-to-reach places that have now filled up with baby items and evidence of our pack-rat nature. After seeing all the stuff that used to be so important to us sitting on the curb (not to mention the fact that we found two new rooms we didn’t know we had… ah, archaeology is wonderful), I discovered how important it is to really analyze old habits and routines to make sure they’re still useful and relevant. Getting rid of the “old man” is tough, but it certainly makes room for the new. The reclaimed space is nice, too…

  18. With uncoverted mate you can’t always throw out all leavened products. I fix new recipes to use w/o leavening and that helps but he’s always saying “we are out of bread, pick some up in town”.
    So you often find yourself thinking how you can deleaven more in yourself rather than in your home. I think that also helps when you can’t do the tasks of thorough deleavening.

  19. Bryan F

    In a moment of weakness, sin can strike. After a long day at work with no breaks, was offered a cookie, and I bit. The fact that it was leavened did not even cross my mind. Even took a second one for the road. Realized the error of my ways, and the cookie took on a very bitter taste (another lesson). Spat out cookie away from view of innocent abettors to my crime.

  20. Ruth Wood

    During this season, we always talk about what constitutes leavening.  We swap stories about what we found in our house or what we accidentally ate.   In this modern age, our attempt to eliminate leavening isn’t always cut and dry.

    For example, this Feast of UB, I almost bought a container of Haagen Daz Dulce De Leche.  I also buy Emergen C.  Turns out that both contain baking soda.  It’s not being used as a leavening agent in those products, so is it leavening?

    It made me consider how life was in Bible days. There weren’t any restaurants or fast-food joints or grocery stores filled with ready-made processed foods pumped full of all manner of additives.  None of these lab-made leavening agents.  In Israel, leavening was pretty straight forward. They had yeast. If they did eat at an inn, it would have been easy to go to a Jewish-owned one or just not eat any bread.

    Just as leavening agents are more subtle, more questionable, more hidden, more difficult to avoid completely, sin in this modern, end-time age seems to be more gray than black and white.  Praise to our Father that we have a Savior who looks on the heart and wants more than anything for use to win.

  21. No, actually…

    NaHCO₃ + H₂O = H₂CO₃ + OH⁻ + Na⁺

    So, you should be good, until the Feast of No Carbonic Acid, Hydroxide, or Sodium Ions, in which case you would have to put it out. (While chanting the magical Feast of No Carbonic Acid, Hyrdoxide, or Sodium Ions words, of course.)

  22. Chanting the magic woids, eh? Would they include:

    “All the Carbonic Acid, Hydroxide, and Sodium Ions in my house,
    Whether I know of them or not,
    Whether I have found them or not,
    Shall be made null and void as the dust of the earth”?

    Or something to that effect. 😀

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