Why Gadhafi has no nuclear weapons

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It’s nice to be back! 🙂  The pile of work I am sorting through and the mound of e-mails I am responding to has not left much time for blogging, but I thought I would drop in today for a few moments and share an interesting editorial before I head up to Akron and Pittsburgh.

An article in the Wall Street Journal today asked an interesting question: “What if Gadhafi had acquired nuclear weapons?”  He doesn’t have them, of course, but that’s what makes the question interesting: the reason he doesn’t have nuclear weapons.

He doesn’t have them because he gave them up by 2004.  But why would a ruthless dictator like Gadhafi give up his weapons program?  Because, as explained by the WSJ, “Gadhafi did so [that is, gave up the bomb] because he believed he was less secure with the bomb than he would be after relinquishing it. He feared that the U.S., which had recently invaded Iraq, would deal with him much as it had Saddam Hussein.”

Worth noting is that Iran (a.k.a., Not-the-King-of-the-South) had noticed the wisdom in such a move, as well, at the time.  Again, from the WSJ: “A similar fear, many intelligence experts in the U.S. and elsewhere believe, impelled the Iranian regime to suspend its own nuclear weapons program in 2003. According to these analysts, the program resumed only when the threat of military intervention receded. It continues to make steady progress today.”

When 9/11 happened and America began its “rearrange the Middle East” efforts, you got the impression that many leaders there felt that a dangerous line had been crossed in their constant “stick poking” with the United Stated — that they had poked one too many times, or poked too hard, and that a sleeping giant had been awakened.  When America took its war from Afghanistan to Iraq, the thought that the U.S. wasn’t kidding was reinforced further still.  As Saddam’s son Uday Hussein famously remarked before being killed by an American missile, “This time I think the Americans are serious. Bush is not like Clinton. I think this is the end.”

However, those in the Middle East soon realized that while the U.S. wasn’t kidding, it was only half-serious. Americans simply don’t have the stomach for sustained warfare and loss of life unless they are strongly convinced that their own lives (or pocketbooks) are at stake.

Now we’re “in” Libya, and President Obama laid out what may be called the “Obama Doctrine” last night. We’ll see how things go from here.  How serious is the U.S. about the prospects of an Iranian bomb?  The year ahead may tell us, but Iran, itself, seems to have already made a determination: half-serious.  And I don’t have any sense that our action in Libya or the President’s speech have altered that evaluation in any way.

Times like this, where so much is in the air and so much volatility exists, are ripe times for the things to be realigned in a way better suited to fulfill Bible prophecy.

2 thoughts on “Why Gadhafi has no nuclear weapons

  1. Zono Riggs

    Every time I see or hear Mr. Obama in the guise of U.S. President, it is apparent that
    America has lost the pride of her power, our God prophesied so many years ago.
    He is not the only leader that has done so. All one has to do is listen to the failed princes of Israel who now walk the halls of marble buildings in D.C. and relate their words to those uttered by the princes of ancient Israel in the days of Jeremiah the prophet prior to Judah’s fall and captivity in Babylon. History does repeat itself.

  2. Howdy, Mom! I take it that by “in the guise of” you mean “in the role of,” since he actually is our president. 🙂 And I wouldn’t say that we have lost the pride of our power, yet. It is the remaining possession of much of that power that enables us to act as we do — proud, aloof, semi-concerned, and ignorant of how the state of the rest of the world will, eventually, effect much more than our pocket books.

    But you are right: the words uttered by many of those in those marble buildings you mention certainly aren’t comforting! And they don’t bode well.

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