About to be “unplugged”

Haven’t posted in a while due to our traveling, but having a great time here in Arkansas. I am moments away from being “unplugged” — no cellphone, no watch, no nuthin’ — as I and several other ministers on the leadership team go through the program here at Heifer International to evaluate it for our youth programs and other considerations.

It will be the longest I have ever been from my iPhone since I first bought it. I expect the grieving process to be brief but intense. Prayers are appreciated. 🙂

Seriously, I’m looking forward to it.

One thought on “About to be “unplugged”

  1. Steve

    I love Arkansas. Don’t live there myself, but my mother grew up there, and I have a lot of relatives in the southern part of the state. Beautiful country; nice people.

    And think of your stay as a techno geek version of an electronic fast.

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