We need a George Washington

We don’t celebrate birthdays in the manner of this world, and President’s Day is (at least technically) such an observation. Still, this piece that came out in the Wall Street Journal today about George Washington, “The First American Idol,” is fantastic.

I speak often on this blog about the leadership crisis we are experiencing (Isaiah 3:3-4). Reading about a man such as Washington only brings that crisis into sharper perspective. How our nation needs such a man as him today.

Read the article and see what you think. (My apologies if it is behind a pay wall. I am on my iPhone and have no quick means of checking!)

One thought on “We need a George Washington

  1. Steve

    There’s some potentially good leaders out there, but it’s nearly impossible for them to rise to the top. It’s not a problem with American style democracy. Other forms of (human) government have produced equally bad leadership.

    The real problem is people – national character. We have a leadership crisis, because we have a declining and decadent culture that does not want a true leader. And that is indeed a systemic problem with democracy. A democracy ultimately reflects the character of its people.

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