A Tax on the Poor

Lottery Tickets: Potentially Awesome Gifts
Image by iamdez via Flickr

Thanks to BL for passing along to me this great article from Wired about the mathematician who cracked the scratch lottery system.  But I think one of the statistics in the article may be the saddest thing I will read all day:

“On average, households that make less than $12,400 a year spend 5 percent of their income on lotteries…”

For all the talk you hear in political circles about taxing the wealthy, we’re doing a great job of taxing the poor.

3 thoughts on “A Tax on the Poor

  1. I think one thing that intrigues me about this article is the fact that “this voice” starting speaking to him when he discovered a short cut to making a quick buck. Now I won’t begin to speculate on the origin of that voice, whether it truly was only his own carnal mind amplifying the enticement or something broadcast to him. However, what I took away was because he took the time to really reason it out first, he saw this voice’s idea was an unwise decision–in his case, at least–to use his newly-found knowledge to get money. He even admits it had nothing to do with morals, it was just a waste of his time. It kind of demonstrates that true wisdom is correct regardless of how you view it or feel about it. Of course, the more you experience that kind of truth, one might begin to attach themselves to it as a law they live by.

    Who knows if he might have learned the same lesson if he felt he could have made far more than $600/day playing the lottery–less than he currently makes as a consultant(!). The other thing it seems to confirm is that the wise continue to grow wiser (most don’t make anywhere near that much, so the enticement would be greater if they had the same knowledge).

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