Squirrel-inspired Rerun!

Yesterday’s post about our encounter with the legendary Chubby Squirrels of Niagara has reminded me of a much more frightening squirrel tale I posted back in 2007 about the legendary Terrifying Squirrels of St. Louis, so I thought I would link to it here for those who haven’t learned it’s important, life-altering lessons:

“Cheetahs, squirrels, and other vicious creatures”

I’m not sure why the Chubby Squirrels of Niagara did not similarly attack my children. Perhaps they were Canadian squirrels.  I should have checked for passports…

3 thoughts on “Squirrel-inspired Rerun!

  1. Steve

    Referring to your link… A friend tried to pick up a squirrel some years ago. The squirrel bit and clawed his hand. He had to get shots at the hospital.

    Same thing with raccoons. The pop image says their nice, cuddly, intelligent creatures. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you bump into a raccoon, don’t mess with it.

  2. Ally

    I just knew that others see the world through the same eyes as my Pomeranian, who sits in the dining room window all day, warning of attacks from those critters. Even worse, is the neighbor’s mountain lion with the white booties – fierce beast!

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