Diverted internet-related activities this week…

Hopefully not the scene you will face on the way to Sabbath services! (Image by sl0ptart via Flickr)

Howdy, you blog readers, you! I haven’t posted in a while, and my apologies. Mainly it is because I have been working on revamping our local church website here in Ohio, and since it has been one of “those” weeks, if I had any time here or there to spend on the internet, my conscience drove me to focus it in that way. 🙂

I learned a lot, though — from modifying my own JavaScript to creating an original favicon! (And I learned just how much is out there free on the internet to take advantage of. I’ll have to share some love with those online vendors on a non-Sabbath day post.)

Having spent several hours on the road yesterday and last night, I know that some of you out there are driving in some nasty, slippery conditions. Be careful on your way to Sabbath services out there!

6 thoughts on “Diverted internet-related activities this week…

  1. And just which of the weeks you have isn’t one of “those” weeks? 😀 I’d like to borrow a spare “isn’t” week if you have one lying around idle.

  2. Thank you, Thomas! I’m glad it turned out well, and the response has been fantastic, as it looks as though that broadcast has set a new record for that booklet. Kind words are always appreciated — thanks for taking the time to share some. 🙂

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