If they’re agin ya, they’re agin ya

President Lyndon Johnson foresaw the end of th...
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Concerning those who are constant critics, sometimes regardless of the full facts, Mr. John Ogwyn once said, “If someone wants to beat a dog, he’ll find a stick every time.”

Well, that quote came to mind today when I read of this comment from President Johnson (as in LBJ) during the challenging years at the end of his presidency when his relationship to the press was not the best: “If I walked on water, the headline the next day would be ‘President Can’t Swim.'”

That’s just funny.  Sad, but funny.

One thought on “If they’re agin ya, they’re agin ya

  1. Oh, that’s funny. In fact I’d add to Mr. Ogwyn’s comment “some people would even pick up a caber and toss it at the poor thing if they could.” And LBJ’s quip was classic.

    You don’t want to know what a certain now-deceased relative (her name I won’t say, but her initials are M.O.M.) said about LBJ. I wonder if she’d say the same about our current President and for similar reasons.

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