Brief video discussing Chinese “stealth fighter”

Animated flag of China.
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Quick hit, today.  For those who have heard about the possible “Chinese stealth fighter,” I think that this video featured by the Wall Street Journal with comments from columnist Bret Stephens has some good insights.  The (again, possible) stealth fighter is not actually the greatest worry when it comes to the Chinese military, as Mr. Stephens explains.

God is certainly allowing the pride of our power to be broken (Lev. 26:19a).  While gentile nations continue to grow to increased global prominence and military strength, the U.S. and the U.K. are dramatically scaling back military expenditures and reducing capabilities.

I was going to embed the WSJ video here on the post, but I’m not able to figure out how to do that with the embed code they provide.  (WordPress just turned it into a link.)  Unlike YouTube, et al., the embedding for WSJ videos doesn’t seem to translate well.  So for now, just follow this link and perhaps later I will get the Vodpod Firefox extension.

One thought on “Brief video discussing Chinese “stealth fighter”

  1. I couldn’t help be fascinated by the personal interplay of the speakers. The one on the right looks definitely like one of my type (ENFP). The other’s a bit more sober…

    But I agree that the threat assessment is a good one, especially if it would take another decade for the Chinese to field that particular plane. They could field a lot of other things a lot sooner.

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