Global Life Expectancy & Wealth: 200 years in 4 minutes

OK: An I-can’t-help-myself post…  I’ve scheduled to post after we’ve already left. 🙂

Some of you may have already seen this, and my thanks to DC for passing it along to me.  You may not agree with all of Dr. Rosling’s explanations and conclusions, but you have to admit that it is neat seeing the data in action.

200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes – A look at changes in global life expectancy and wealth since the early 1800s.

4 thoughts on “Global Life Expectancy & Wealth: 200 years in 4 minutes

  1. That was very, very instructive. If there’s anything wrong overall with the explanations and conclusions I can’t spot it.

    So is there any reason any longer to think that the world as a whole, and the bulk of the Church of God that is being called out of that world, won’t in time be physically rich and spiritually poor, just as a preceding era of the Church was physically poor and spiritually rich (Revelation 2:9; 3:17-18)? Those who are physically rich don’t tend to think of themselves as spiritually rich – they tend not to think of spiritual things at all (Luke 12:13-34). It is those who hold fast to their strictly personal values in the name of holding fast to God’s universal values (perverting Revelation 3:11, if you will) who think of themselves as being spiritually rich – whether they’re also physically rich or not.

  2. Norbert

    I’ve seen Hans Rosling before on and the man does have a gift for teaching his subject. One of the few that can be both entertaining but more importantly factually serious at the same time.

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