Trying Firefox 4 Beta

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Trying out Firefox 4 beta (second beta, actually).  Anyone out thee who is using it, feel free to let me know what to expect.  They seemed to have learned from the popularity of Chrome’s layout, which I have liked.  Using Chrome, though, always feels odd only in that I fear I may be assisting Google in its attempt to take over the world.  (Anyone else out there suspect that at Google’s headquarters there is a secret room occupied by Pinky and the Brain?)

Anyone reading this and having no idea what I am talking about, feel free to ignore it. 🙂  A normal post should be coming along any moment now…

4 thoughts on “Trying Firefox 4 Beta

  1. Leona D

    I tried the Firefox 4 beta a while back and liked it. Best thing, I thought, was how quickly it loaded. Seemed to have a smaller footprint than its predecessor. Of course, I hadn’t installed any add-ons either… From what I remember, it has potential, and I liked it and couldn’t wait for it to be out of beta. Of course, that’s remembering from several months ago. I haven’t tried it recently. I have this thing with installing beta software on my computer; I don’t do it. Time for me to fire up the virtual machine again, I see, so I can give this second beta a trial.

    BTW, the image you included with this post tells a sad, sad story… It is to the dismay of web developers EVERYWHERE that IE6 still has that much usage. For crying out loud, it’s TWO VERSIONS OLD; upgrade your browser!!!! Gotta give Firefox its due credit here: You don’t see people still using Firefox 2.x (at least according to this chart). Either Firefox has a much better updating scheme (which I think it does) or Firefox users are just smarter and refuse to use outdated (read: vulnerable) software. Yeah…it could be both. 😉

  2. 13brian

    I have not yet checked out the #4 beta. Probably download it on lunch today. I agree with your take on Chrome, as well as it having some lack of functionality as far as interfacing well with web stuff. Firefox has some too, but it seems less.
    P&B- I think so too. With Doofenshmirtz heading it up from the wings…
    IE = bad ju-ju.
    LD- glad to hear it at least seems less bloated (hopefully going back to the original two versions as far as that is concerned).

  3. 13brian

    I have it now, ohhh, pretty. The scene they showed me reminded me of a scene from Robots. 🙂

    I forgot to look at how much memory space was being used before upgrading, to compare it…argh. Definitely seems faster…certainly for initial loading any how.

  4. Linda Patterson

    On this the 29th day of December year 2010 I have laughed out loud, not once but twice within seconds.
    I from personal experience with the idiot google have decided they are trying to run ac with a dc power supply or vice versa. I did truly enjoy this post Wally Smith. It was so funny and so true and so funny again.

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