After work, I may be here for a while…

I received a Facebook notice that MM had sent me a link to some videos.  MM, you do realize, now, that after work I will be watching these until unconsciousness drags me forcibly to Sleepy Town, don’t you?  I hope there aren’t too many of them, else it will be a long night.

For those who might find the mathematics & the artwork interesting (and it will likely be a greater number than you may imagine), I present Vi Hart’s Math Doodling.

For the record, here’s the specific video that sucked me in (though it looks as though there are even neater ones out there on the website — and neat math stuff other than videos, as well):

5 thoughts on “After work, I may be here for a while…

  1. Hey, Teresa — Did you see the video she has of Pachelbel’s Canon performed with music boxes, using the boxes to illustrate the defining nature of a canon? If not, I think it’s pretty neat and may link to it in my next post.

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