Taking blog posts off of Facebook “Notes” (but links still available)

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First, a big thanks to those who have used the form a couple of posts ago to send in some questions for the coming blog “Q & A” page. Some questions I had expected, but others have been a surprise! As for the form, it seems to be working well. We did have one person report a difficulty in using it, but outside of that I haven’t heard of any other troubles.

In other news, I have decided to stop allowing the posts from this blog to appear as “Notes” in Facebook, although they will still appear as links in my status. Mainly, the editor-wannabe in me is annoyed that I cannot edit Facebook “Notes” that are automatically imported here from my blog. (I know that “Notes” can normally be edited, but not if they are imported from an external source.) Actually, I did discover they can be edited from my iPhone due to some sort of “beneficial bug,” but that is an annoying work around. Honestly, I don’t do much with Facebook (as those of you who have had friend requests or FB messages waiting on me forever have eventually learned–sorry!), and the idea of having to either settle for leaving typos as is or else editing from my iPhone as my only two options is enough to make me take action.

I know that many of you read these blog entries on Facebook, and I do apologize if this is going to be an inconvenience.  Again, the blog entries will still appear with their titles and links as an update on my status (thanks to the feed from Twitter), so reading anything I’ve written is only one click away (though I cannot guarantee you the content will be worth the trip! 🙂 ).  And maybe this will be better in one sense, as any comments others feel moved to leave behind are more likely to be gathered in one or two places as opposed to two or three.

I will try to wait until I’ve seen that this post is, indeed, on Facebook “Notes” before I pull the plug, but if there are any additional blog posts appearing as “Notes” after this one, you will know that something has gone horribly, horribly wrong.  Possibly involving KGB agents.

2 thoughts on “Taking blog posts off of Facebook “Notes” (but links still available)

  1. Linda Patterson

    Well, one has to do what one has to do in order to do other things more successfully.
    I did not use the notes on facebook and I am sure those who do and did will be just as happy to get your thoughts in route anyway they can get them. I would I enjoy them very much.

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