Christmas and God’s Opinion

It’s that time of year again!  Around this time each year I usually try to briefly explain why I don’t keep Christmas and why no followers of Christ should do so.  Mr. Wyatt Ciesielka has a commentary on the Living Church of God and Tomorrow’s World website today about the same topic: Not the reason for the season” (remember, you can subscribe to the commentaries and have them e-mailed to you every few days as soon as one is published).

For me, it’s a simple matter, and I will summarize it here very briefly.

Many people say that it does not matter if you keep Christmas or not.  I say this: Keeping Christmas only matters if God’s opinion matters. If you don’t think God’s opinion matters, then you are correct and keeping Christmas doesn’t matter.  If you do think God’s opinion matters, then it makes a real difference whether or not keeping Christmas matters.

That’s because the opinion of God the Father and Jesus Christ on the matter is very clear.  God’s Word tells us that He doesn’t want to be worshiped in ways that come from the pagans, even if the worship is supposedly directed at Him (e.g., Deuteronomy 12:30-32, Jeremiah 10:2ff).  Jesus Christ says that it is wrong to put aside and violate such commands from God in order to make room for our own traditions (e.g., Mark 7:6-13).

Therefore, if I am going to truly follow Christ as opposed to just calling myself a “Christian,” I must do as He commands and not put God’s commands aside to worship Him with a tradition that His Word forbids.

That Christmas and its symbols comes from pagan origins is agreed upon by a wide variety of authorities and is an almost universally attested fact.  It can be verified in any reference worth its salt.  So if I want to actually follow Christ, I cannot partake of Christmas.  If I claim to follow Christ and knowingly ignore His teachings on these mattes, then I face my Savior’s criticism: “But why do you call Me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do the things which I say?” (Luke 6:46).

It does occur to me that some may actually not be aware that Christmas comes from pagan, pre-Christian origins.  For those who would like to begin such an investigation into the origins of Christmas and its many “jolly” symbols for the first time, here’s a link to a brief video on the Discovery channel’s website to get you started (click on the picture):

[Click to go to Discovery web video discussing origins of Christmas]

History makes the origins of Christmas absolutely clear and incontestable.  The Father and Christ make Their opinion clear and incontestable.

Consequently, whether or not you keep Christmas only matters if God’s opinion matters.  Does it?

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Click here to read this booklet online or to order a free copy.For information about holy days that God actually does approve of (holy days He actually designed, Himself) check out our booklet: The Holy Days–God’s Master Plan.

5 thoughts on “Christmas and God’s Opinion

  1. DebbieH

    I really appreciate your comments above. It is been rather difficult this year to explain to our daughter (who is 3 in February) why we don’t get involved with Christmas. In the end, I simply told her that, “we don’t like Christmas because God doesn’t like Christmas”. Her response was, “No, God likes the Feast and the Ark” (guess which Bible story we have been reading recently?!).

  2. Donnie Prince

    Wally (do you still go by Wally or is it Wallace now?), I have been reading some of your blogs for a couple of months now and for the most part have found them very enlightening. Not having been raised in the Living Church of God but rather in a Southern Baptist Church, I am finding some of your teachings to be new to me. I have just downloaded the booklet: “The Holy Days–God’s Master Plan” and am looking forward to reading it. From what I gathered in your blog you belive we should be keeping all of the feasts and festivals found in the Old Testament, is that correct? I personally have been feeling that these are things in which we Christians should also be keeping and have for whatever reason been lost in most mainstream denominations in America today. It is as if most of them pay little to no attention to the the Old Testament whatsoever just the New Testament. While I do belive the New Testament is very important (that is after all where we learn about Christ and his teachings) I also feel the Old Testament is equally important. After all that is the religon that Jesus followed and practiced and if I am to be a follower of Christ shouldn’t I also follow his religon? I say all of this just to make this point, I have been looking for some time for teachings on how to practice the old and the new together (if that makes sense). There seem to be very few denominations that teach what I would call “The whole Gospel”. Please keep up the good work and posting more teachings on here and if you could direct me to where I could learn more I would appriciate it. Thank you from your old school friend, Donnie

  3. Hey, Donnie, how good to hear from you again! You know, every year when I officially get another year older, I always think, “Well, Donnie got another year older today, too!” 🙂

    Thanks so much for your kind words, too, and for sharing your thoughts. And you’re right–we do believe that we should be keeping the holy days God created, just as Jesus and the first century church did, as transformed by the wonderful meaning of those days Christ and the New Testament provide. It’s like the Old Testament provides the walls and the New Testament provide the roof–together they make a great house, but each without the other is incomplete.

    I hope you find the booklet helpful! It will certainly explain more than I can in this comment and will give you the chance to check the Scriptures in your own Bible for yourself. And agree with you about the Gospel — we have a good booklet on that topic, too. (I think it’s titled “Do You Believe the True Gospel?” but I’m not sure. Still, the website would have the right name. 🙂 )

    I doubt there is as much snow on the ground there in Texas as there is here in Cincinnati, but, still, stay warm and safe! It’s great hearing from you!

  4. Jacob Kidney

    Mr. Smith – Thanks for your post – I always appreciate your comments. I have been explaining why I do not celebrate Christmas to some of my co-workers since several new-hires came in this past summer. I like the link to the Discovery News video too. It’s always good for someone to hear historical evidence from an authority such as that. I have sent a link to a couple of friends. Thanks again, keep up the good work, and we look forward to seeing you this Sabbath.

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