Thinking about a FAQ page

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…well, not exactly a “FAQ” page, since I’ll probably answer more kinds of questions than I am, truly, “frequently” asked.  But there are questions that come up about this blog, and creating such a page seems a good way to answer them in a manner others can easily access.

Do you have any questions about the blog?  Not Bible or doctrinal questions (not that there’s anything wrong with having those–I have ’em, too!), but the page I am thinking about creating is one specifically about this blog.  For instance, “Why are you blogging in the first place?” or “Why don’t you talk about ‘other COG’ news?” or “What’s your comment policy?”  If you have such questions, let me know!  I’ve never used a WordPress response form before, but I’ll give it a shot below, and you can use the form to send a question in for me to consider on the FAQ/Q&A page.

So, if you have a question, fill out the form.  Don’t comment like you normally would in a blog below — please use the form, instead.  Honestly, I’d like to see how it works, and you seem like an awfully nice guinea pig.  🙂  If you are reading this on Facebook, you will probably have to the original blog entry (here) to enter anything onto the form.  Maybe not, though — again, this experiment should let us know!

So, here it is.  If you’d like to submit a question about the blog (or even multiple questions), just enter the info below.

3 thoughts on “Thinking about a FAQ page

  1. 13brian

    Why did you start the blog?
    What do you hope to accomplish?
    Have you gained more or less from it that you expected?
    Does it help you? Do you think it helps others (if relevant)?
    Does your family think it is a good idea?
    Where is your favorite place to get material?

    I was not able to use the response form within my email (gmail, firefox browser), it allowed me to fill out form, but cannot seem to submit it through gmail client…just FYI.

  2. Howdy, Brian — I was able to send your questions through the form OK even using your e-mail address and user name. I also used Firefox. The Gmail shouldn’t make a difference, since the form does not go through your e-mail client; it is directly submitted by the blog. So, I’m not sure why you had trouble, but thanks for trying!

  3. steve

    Well, I really don’t have any questions. I do have a comment.

    For me, a blog is just a blog. You know? You can take them or leave them. It’s not a big deal, one way or the other.

    I do enjoy your blog, however. There’s some fun stuff. There’s some serious stuff. And there’s some stuff in between. It’s great! I especially like the little stories about your family, daily life, and what not. You mention stuff that I can relate to.

    I also respect your job as a minister. You often give us a inside peek on the job of being a minister, and I think, yeah boy, those guys have a tough job.

    You’re a good guy, Mr. Smith. Hope you don’t change your blog too much!

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