Click here to watch paint dry!

And my wife thinks I’m odd because I find watching paint dry somewhat thrilling? Ha! Who’s laughing now, huh?

Now, maybe she’ll take my word about the exciting sport of watching water boil.

4 thoughts on “Click here to watch paint dry!

  1. 13brian

    Interesting, thank you. The creation of the laws of physics and the elements that are encompassed by them is amazing.
    The amount of ‘faith’ it takes to believe in Evolution is astounding to me…I just can’t fathom how, with all of humanity’s and animals’ frailties, someone could believe that this Earth (and universe by proxy) is only survival of the fittest and happenstance and adaptation. Were that true, shouldn’t we only be left with a few species of animal, of plant and one or two types of human?

  2. Linda Patterson

    This is the lady, the one and only wife you have. She uses powertools, saws, etc. and she is going to believe that watching water boil is a thrilling sport. I don’t think so. Boils down to the minds of intelligent men and what it takes to keep them bored in the few moments that they do have free.

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