Back from Mr. Apartian’s funeral

French flag at half mast
French flag at half mast at LCG headquarters in Charlotte, NC, on 12/19/2010

My family and I are back from Charlotte after attending the funeral for Mr. Dibar Apartian.  For those who were there, we did, indeed, get back into town in time (just in time!) for Boy #1’s fencing class Monday evening.  Our thanks to the Ogwyns who invited us to spend the night.  You were wonderful hosts!

The funeral was wonderful, and I imagine that Mr. Apartian would have been very pleased.  There were five eulogists, Mr. Apartian’s son, Dan, Mr. Wayne Pyle, Mr. Wilner Pierre, Mr. Davy Crockett, and Mr. Dennis Luker.  Each of their eulogies and their accounts of personal details in the life of Mr. Apartian was moving.  Then, Mr. Roderick C. Meredith performed the service, itself.

The fellowship afterwards was wonderful, and so many came out to be a part, from many different places.  It was great to meet brethren from Martinique, whom Mr. Apartian had served so faithfully for so long.  Some were there from other COG’s–such as Mr. Luker, whom I mentioned above–which was nice to see.

While it was sad, two things were very true and apparent.  One was that though we grieve, we really don’t grieve in manner of those who have no hope (1 Thess. 4:13).  The understanding that we would, indeed, see Mr. Apartian again seemed almost palpable.  The hope was real.  And it was encouraging.

Secondly, it was very clear that the funeral was not just a time to share the burden of grief, but it was a celebration of the life of a man who had truly lived a life worth celebrating.  He gave his utmost to His Father, His Savior, Their people, and Their work.  The world had been better for his presence and is lesser for his absence.

The portion of an article read last Sabbath in services, dictated by Mr. Apartian literally from his deathbed, was marvelous, not just for the message in preached, but also for the message it represented.  To the very end, for him it was about communicating the precious truth of God to others.  His example makes me consider what excuses I seem to find here and there at times not to go “all out.”

Well, I don’t want to go on and on, as I certainly have things to do.  I mainly wanted to post and say, “We’re back,” as I know several were praying for our trip.  But I couldn’t do that without saying at least a few things about the trip.  I am glad that I had been able to know Mr. Apartian, and I suppose the question for me now is what will I do with those things that knowing him has given me?

7 thoughts on “Back from Mr. Apartian’s funeral

  1. Putting the French flat at half-mast like that at our US-HQ was the last tribute to Mr. Apartian I’d ever expect – and one of the most appreciated. Thanks for sharing the photo in addition to your account of the funeral.

  2. Thomas

    Those of us separated by distance, yet who are united by the same Spirit, appreciate the descriptions and thoughts you provide. It’s encouraging. Those who hold our viewpoints are so rare, those able to articulate them effectively are rarer still.

    While trying not to go on and on, please do carry on. 🙂

  3. Linda Patterson

    From one of those who never actually got to meet him, thank you for sharing. From his sermons I can see that he truly belonged to the Father and knew he would be there at the ressurection. He was a remarkable man and I am so glad that I got to hear his sermons, he was a good shepard.

  4. Thank You, It is such a pleasure to know how much ,so many cared for such a humble man as he was.He is and i say is because there will always remain in our hearts,The love of God he generously gave back to the brethren every time he spoke.His love was truly felt and we were served by his sincerity.Thank You Mr. Wally Smith for posting your comments.

  5. cindy

    “and I suppose the question for me now is what will I do with those things that knowing him has given me?”… share them with others, of course. God blessed you with being able to spend time with and to know Mr. Apartian. What a joy !!! I have only heard his sermons (which for this, I thank our glorious God), and I was moved by his death. He showed a “depth of understanding” that I too, hope to be able to have. His eyes shone with seemingly “secret knowledge”… which was known only between him and our LORD. He truly loved serving God and living life. Thank you for sharing your words with us.

  6. Dean and Sherry Burns

    Thank you so very much for sharing the experience of the Funeral ,and most of all the insight you received from it…we too have been moved to better and more Godly works Mr Apartian over the years and we grieve is absence, but celebrate the life he lived for God and his people..Looking forward to be gather with him one day when all these things we excitedly wait for come to fruition!
    Thank you also for the great service and example you have given, to all who have been privileged to hear you speak, and know you and your family ….as Mr Apartian was, so are you a great servant of God and a good shepherd to his flock….

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